Friday, February 12, 2016

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Bill Black: The Inaugural Financial Fraud Lemons of the Week Award Goes to DOJ

The inaugural lemons of the week award goes to the DOJ for depicting its humiliating settlement with Morgan Stanley as a triumph.

Eurobanks: The Probable Point of Failure as Systemic Stress Rises

Why Eurobanks are the most likely fracture point if current economic stresses continue.

Gaius Publius: Michelle Alexander, the Black Community & the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Michelle Alexander and some other black political and opinion leaders challenge knee-jerk loyalty to Hillary Clinton. Will these doubts spread?

The Hidden Agenda Behind Saudi Arabia’s Market Share Strategy

Were the Saudis actually not targeting the US shale industry or did their original plans misfire?

2:00PM Water Cooler 2/11/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: TTiP typos, Democratic debate, Sanders fundraising, black voters, Buiter recession call, jobless claims, gravity waves

Can Mass Migration Boost Innovation and Productivity?

Mass migration is getting a bad rap. Is it entirely deserved?

Links 2/11/16

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Former Central Banker William White on the Failure of QE, Danger of Negative Interest Rates

Former Bank of International Settlements chief economist William White criticizes central bank policies sharply, particularly negative interest rates.

Online Public Schools Are a Disaster, Admits Billionaire, Charter School-Promoter Walton Family Foundation

Online public schools now assume a surprisingly large role and do a terrible job, providing yet more proof that charter schools are about looting, not education.

Bill Black: Whistleblowers’ Plan Is Hillary’s Pragmatic Opportunity to Live Up to Her Word on Bank Reform

Will HIllary take the pragmatic step of adopting the Bank Whistleblowers United reforms?

France To Build 621 Miles Of Solar Roads

Solar roads sound too “gee whiz” to work. But it would be terrific if they did.

2:00PM Water Cooler 2/10/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: TPP in an election year, New Hampshire: The Day After, Bloomberg’s first speech, Yellen speaks, “Dignity Health,” Uber

Dean Baker Exposes How CBO Cooks Inflation Forecasts to Promote Deficit Scaremongering

Yet more funny forecasts from the CBO telling you why you can’t have nice things, like a better job market.

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