Friday, September 4, 2015

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/4/15

Today’s Water Cooler: Clinton on email (again), Trump oppo, employment situation and the Fed, Cyrus v. Minaj, search for first trillionaire

Fortune’s Dan Primack Takes Up CalPERS’ Private Equity Scandal, Calls Head of Private Equity “Factually Wrong”

Dan Primack of Fortune has weighed in on what he calls the private equity “mess” at CalPERS, in an important new story, “CalPERS still can’t get out of its own way on private equity.”

ObamaCare to Crapify Health Insurance at 26% of Employers with “Cadillac Tax”

ObamaCare’s “Cadillac Tax” begins by crapifying expensive health insurance plans, but is structured to hit many more.

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Soft Power Raises Exports

A nation’s hard power is based on its ability to coerce, while its soft power depends on the attractiveness of its culture, political ideals, and policies. This column shows that a country’s soft power has measureable effects on its exports. Countries that are admired for their positive global influence export more, holding other things constant.

Why Tax Havens Will be at the Heart of the Next Financial Crisis

Examining an excellent in-depth investigation by Reuters into global financial stability issues, and the role of tax havens in this giant game of pain and plunder.

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/3/15

Today’s Water Cooler: Clinton email aide to take the Fifth the press and Corbyn, Obama on climate, mindsets of the rich, MH370 flaperon

Congressional Black Caucus Still Trying to Hurt Their Constituents By Killing the Labor Department Fiduciary Rule

Last year, the Huffington Post published the definitive take on the Congressional Black Caucus’ frequent sellouts to Wall Street, and how Maxine Waters has attempted to shut it down. Their public image as the conscience of the Congress belies a coziness with bank lobbyists and an open willingness to do their bidding. Ten CBC members […]

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Uber Strategy of “Monopolization Through Sidestepping Labor Law” May Be Coming to an End

A California judge is threatening Uber’s fiendish “Let’s arbitrage state and federal law and replace a monopoly with a different monopoly” plan:

Why Did Oil Prices Just Jump By 27 Percent in 3 Days?

Oil prices have posted their strongest rally in years, jumping an astounding 27 percent in the last three trading days of August.

While much of the recent price movement defies reason and is enormously magnified by speculative movements by traders to take and cover their bets on oil, still, there were a series of rumors, events, and fresh data that helped contribute to the spike.

Kaliningrad, Russia – The Dagger Points East and West

Listeners to US Government radio and readers of the London papers are being told that Kaliningrad is a Russian dagger pointed at the soft underbelly of the NATO alliance in central Europe. According to NATO sources, the dagger must be reversed so that it threatens the Kremlin instead.

Officials in the German Chancellery in Berlin and in the Polish government in Warsaw have begun asking their intelligence chiefs to prepare memoranda on how vulnerable the Russian outpost, formerly Königsberg in German East Prussia, is to a campaign of economic pressure and political subversion. Does this make Kaliningrad a potential flashpoint on the eastern war front, the next Crimea?

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/2/15

Today’s Water Cooler: Clinton’s “tired,” Trump cheats at golf, Woz endoreses Sanders, FOMC, ugly manufacturing stats, TPP still undead

ObamaCare’s Narrow Networks, and Who To Blame When “There Is No Alternative”

A new study shows wide variation in narrow networks between states, and ObamaCare makes it hard to find out if your network is narrow or not.

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