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New Brunswick: How the Scammers Behind Virgin Gold Mining Corporation Found a Really Soft Touch

By Richard Smith It’s high time for an update on this vast fraud story, which has, near its core, Bryan Cook and Thomas Yi, of bogus international investment bank London Capital. Here’s a synopsis of the story so far at NC, and the global press coverage that has ensued. First, there was “Is Power8, Sponsor of […]


Belvedere Management and its $16Bn: Now Looking More Like a Huge Collapsing Scam

As the regulatory actions accumulate, Belvedere Management looks less and less like a maligned fund manager, and more and more like a giant fraud. How much of the $16Bn it purported to manage is left?


Media Consolidation Thwarted Again as Comcast Backs Off Time Warner Deal

Late Thursday, Comcast apparently signaled that they would abort a 14-month bid to purchase Time Warner Cable, in a deal that would have created the nation’s largest cable operator by a wide margin. The FCC was going to recommend a hearing, which is a prelude to cancellation. The spin is that there are more consolidation attempts on the way, but there’s no guarantee that they would be successful either.