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Joan Robinson’s “Introduction to Modern Economics”

One of the more shocking things about Robinson’s textbook is the way many core features of neoclassical economics are brushed away in a sentence or paragraph as mere metaphysical reasoning. She defines such reasoning as being “applied to a use of language that conveys no factual information, describes no logical relations nor gives precise instructions and yet is calculated to affect conduct.”


Quebec Voters Reject the Parti Québécois and Elect a Liberal Government

Yesterday, readers mentioned this wonderful artwork from 2012′s Printemps érable in Montreal[1]. And today we have election results from Quebec. The Real News Network interviews Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and a distinguished research professor of political science at York University in Toronto.


University of Southern Maine, Facing Organized Opposition from Students and Faculty, Rescinds Proposed Cuts

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Good news, which I hope travels fast to other universities. Maine Sunday Telegram: University of Southern Maine President Theodora Kalikow on Friday rescinded the 12 faculty layoffs that had prompted weeks of protests, saying she’s open to alternative plans for finding up to $14 million in cuts. (I know! I […]