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Lambert Strether has been blogging, managing online communities, and doing system administration 24/7 since 2003, in Drupal and WordPress. Besides political economy and the political scene, he blogs about rhetoric, software engineering, permaculture, history, literature, local politics, international travel, food, and fixing stuff around the house. The nom de plume “Lambert Strether” comes from Henry James’s The Ambassadors: “Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.” You can follow him on Twitter at @lambertstrether.

Inequality Made the Great Recession Worse (Especially for the Poor)

Previous research found that income and wealth inequality had little impact on the aggregate dynamics of consumption, investment and output. This reinforced the idea that we can study downturns in the economy using representative agents. This column argues that household inequality affects both the depth of a recession and the welfare losses of those affected by it. Therefore we should explicitly measure and model household heterogeneity when we consider the impact of business cycle fluctuations and the welfare consequences of economic crises.


Is ‘Our Revolution’ the Way To Build Transformative Politics?

Lambert here: Readers know my priors, here; what I wanted out of election 2016 is what I’ve called The Overton Prism, where, instead of bipolar politics — yeah, no kidding — we have tri-polar politics: conservative, liberal, and left, where both conservatives and liberals put markets first, and where the left puts working people first; […]