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Lambert Strether has been blogging, managing online communities, and doing system administration 24/7 since 2003, in Drupal and WordPress. Besides political economy and the political scene, he blogs about rhetoric, software engineering, permaculture, history, literature, local politics, international travel, food, and fixing stuff around the house. The nom de plume “Lambert Strether” comes from Henry James’s The Ambassadors: “Live all you can. It’s a mistake not to.” You can follow him on Twitter at @lambertstrether.

2:00PM Water Cooler 2/5/2016

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. TTP/TTIP/TiSA Australia: “The signing ceremony on February 4 in Auckland for the Trans-Pacific Partnership is mainly a public relations exercise.” Let’s hope so [Sidney Morning Herald]. “It masks the fact that for Australia and most TPP countries, the public debate and parliamentary process to pass implementing legislation, leading to final […]


2:00PM Water Cooler 2/3/2016

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. TTP/TTIP/TiSA “Economists Sharply Split Over Trade Deal Effects” [New York Times]. A summary of the various studies that you, readers, have seen emerge here over the last few weeks. Good to see the Times covering it, however. “It would be foolish for the Australian Parliament to rush to approve implementing […]