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CalPERS Laughingstock: Marcie Frost, Who Previously Pursued Non-Existent Dual Bachelors/Masters Degree, Designates Herself Law School Grad and Bar Member; Investment Committee Chair Theresa Taylor Admits Not Knowing What SPACs Are

CalPERS’ leadership has such an advanced case of Dunning Kruger effect that they can’t recognize when they are making fools of themselves.


Former Board Member JJ Jelincic Sues CalPERS Over Illegal Secret Board Discussion After CIO Ben Meng’s Abrupt Departure and Hiding of Records Related to $583 Million Overstatement of Real Estate Assets

Former CalPERS board member JJ Jelincic is pursuing the thankless task of getting the agency to shape up. He may have found a leverage point.


Global Coup d’État: Mapping the Corporate Takeover of Global Governance

Why you should be very, very worried when our supposed betters start talking up the newest neoliberal Trojan horse, global governance.