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The Capitalist Solution to ‘Save’ the Planet: Make It an Asset Class & Sell it

John Bellamy Foster explains the plans to create assets on the back of everything nature does and expropriate it from the global commons.


Inside the Chaotic Charter Schools Run by For-Profit Accel Schools

Yves here. It might seem easy to dismiss the child-warehousing-masquerading-as-education perpetrated by Accel Schools as a charter school outlier. But as this article explains, Accel embodies a new trend to profit-maximization and asset stripping in this arena. By Jeff Bryant, a writing fellow and chief correspondent for Our Schools. He is a communications consultant, freelance […]


The Great Amazon Land Grab – How Brazil’s Government Is Turning Public Land Private, Clearing the Way for Deforestation

At the U.N. climate summit in 2021, 141 countries – including Brazil – signed a pledge to end deforestation by 2030. Yet land grabs continue to place the Amazon ecosystem at risk.