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Washington, Brussels Set Sights on TurkStream Pipeline Amid Crackdown on Ankara-Moscow Cooperation 

By Conor Gallagher At the beginning of this year there were four pipelines carrying natural gas from Russia to Europe, and a fifth (Nord Stream 2) was about to come online. Now Nord Stream 1 and 2 are dead, the Yamal Pipeline is closed, and the amount of gas flowing through Ukraine is greatly diminished. […]


More Fallout From the Nord Stream Pipeline Attacks

By Conor Gallagher Yves wrote yesterday about what the Russian response might be to the Nord Stream attacks. I wanted to touch on a few other potential consequences I’ve come across, and as there are no doubt more, hope to see them in comments. Economic Catastophre in Europe Now Certain  There were questions in Washington […]


What the Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan Is Really About and Why It’s Likely to Get Worse

By Conor Gallagher Ever since the breakup of the USSR, Azerbaijan and Armenia have been locked in a dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh, an enclave recognized as Azerbaijani territory by the international community but mostly populated by ethnic Armenians. They fought a war there two years ago when Azerbaijan grabbed land in a six-week conflict that led […]