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State of Big Tech 2022: Dismantling National & Global Digital Enclosures

From fintech to food systems to social media, the State of Big Tech offers a blueprint for the 99% to break privatized status-quo enclosures.


Privacy in the Wake of Dobbs: How Safe Are Your Medical Records and Digital Data If Prosecutors or Bounty Hunters from No-Choice States Come Knocking?

To answer the privacy question posed in the headline in a couple of words: not very. Expect a flurry of litigation involving no-choice and pro-choice states and the feds on issues of extraterritoriality, enforcement, and evidence.


‘Elon, There Are Rules’: EU Says Twitter Must Comply With New Digital Services Act

One day after Elon Musk took over Twitter, a top European regulator gave the world’s richest man a “reality check” about how they will respond if he loosens the platform’s content moderation policies.