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Sick Profit: Investigating Private Equity’s Stealthy Takeover of Health Care Across Cities and Specialties

Another account of the extent of the private equity health care grifting, as well as some avenues to check these abuses.


Sunak Has Been Set Up To Fail and the Likelihood Is That He Will

Rishi Sunak has a Mission Impossible even before getting to his bad impulses. Most countries in the West face the same long list of problems


Pharma-Funded FDA Gets Drugs Out Faster, But Some Work Only ‘Marginally’ and Most Are Pricey

The pharma-funded system at the FDA is becoming more prevalent and, because of the funding structure now in place, will not be easy to unpick. With such a large proportion of the drug regulation budget deriving directly from drug makers, and more input from drug makers at every stage in the process, the divide between the FDA and drug makers is rapidly shrinking.