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Bezos Admits His Fortune Is Due to Public Infrastructure….Even as He Fought Paying a Homeless Tax in Seattle, Shakes Down Cities for Subsidies

Bezos admits he and other squillionaires didn’t do the “heavy lifting” of building the infrastructure on which tech enterprises depend….yet tries to depict a space venture as a greenfield project. Help me.


Senators Press for Expanded Probe of FEMA Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

Senators Warren, Sanders, Blumenthal, and Durbin, has asked the DHS IG to expand an investigation into misallocation of funds budgeted for repair of hurricane-damaged homes and profit-skimming in Puerto Rico


Jackpot? A Round-Up of This Season’s California Wildfires (So Far)

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Last week, there were three (major) California wildfires in the news: The Camp Fire, which destroyed the town of Paradise in Northern California, and the Hill and Woolsey fires in Southern California, which are still burning, not entirely contained. Here is a map: And here is a shot of the […]