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Private Equity and “Institutional” Investor Owned U.K. Utility Engaged in Massive Fraud, Regulatory Evasions, Worker Coercion, Caused “Catastrophic” Environmental Damage

Abuses like raw sewage on beaches and faking regulatory filings make a U.K. water utility a new low in privatization scandals.


Public-Private Partnerships Fad Fails

After the failure and abuses of privatization became apparent, public-private partnerships have since been promoted to mobilize private finance for the public purpose. PPPs have socialized costs and losses while ensuring private financial gains.


Bezos Admits His Fortune Is Due to Public Infrastructure….Even as He Fought Paying a Homeless Tax in Seattle, Shakes Down Cities for Subsidies

Bezos admits he and other squillionaires didn’t do the “heavy lifting” of building the infrastructure on which tech enterprises depend….yet tries to depict a space venture as a greenfield project. Help me.