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When Labor isn’t Labor and Liberals aren’t Liberal

As Victoria prepares for the coming state election, Labor is likely to win despite its public corruption and lack of accountability to working people. In the absence of any decent opposition, “teal” independents opposing the Labor party without the baggage of the conservative Liberal Party will help to protect traditionally anti-Labor seats.


The Australian Labor Party Embraces the Authoritarianism of a Political System in Crisis

By John McGregor, a translator and political violence researcher Australia is currently lurching from one revelation to another through a constitutional crisis that nobody near power will acknowledge the severity of. As it emerges that the former Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison secretly appropriated a number of ministerships for himself, the now-ruling Labor Party is […]


Australia’s Grand Plans to Export Solar – A Lesson from the ‘Gas Crisis’

By John McGregor, a translator and political violence researcher As perverse as it seems, achieving the dream of linking Australian renewable energy to Asian energy buyers may generate a household electricity crisis as artificial as the current gas crisis. As with LNG, large scale solar projects are set to largely, perhaps even entirely, bypass domestic […]