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NATO/West or Global Majority? Unipolar Destruction or Multipolar Development? The World Must Choose

Yves here. While there is a lot of merit in the latest discussion between Radhika Desai and Micheal Hudson on their favorite topic of mutlipolarity, I feel compelled to correct some imprecisions. The video depicts the “German government” as having “raised” the debt brake but then “not being allowed” with no depiction of agency, to […]


Even Rich Nations Now Worried About ISDS

Yves here. In the US, Public Citizen deserves a great deal of credit for turning policy-makers against the multinational-favoring, national-law-and-regulation-gutting “free trade agreement known as ISDS, or “investor state dispute settlement. These disputes are arbitrated by secret panels with no appeal and pro-corporate cronies acting as deciders. Public Citizen’s relentless digging got key bad facts […]