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America, Land of the Dying? Alarming Study Shows U.S. Killing Its Own Population

American became an outlier among rich countries in mortality rates pre pandemic, and Americans are dying younger than their peers abroad.


IM Doc Could Not Get A Monkeypox Test for a Patient. What That Says About the Sorry State of the CDC and Public Health

The US Is flying blind on monkeypox, and the CDC and public health officials are unwilling to break a sweat to correct that.


Privacy in the Wake of Dobbs: How Safe Are Your Medical Records and Digital Data If Prosecutors or Bounty Hunters from No-Choice States Come Knocking?

To answer the privacy question posed in the headline in a couple of words: not very. Expect a flurry of litigation involving no-choice and pro-choice states and the feds on issues of extraterritoriality, enforcement, and evidence.