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Signs of Recession Are Hitting Europe—And Its New Central Bank President May Not Be Up for the Challenge

Europe, or more specifically the Eurozone, has a deficient bank regulatory framework which may be tested by economic weakness and wobbly banks. Having Christine Lagarde at the ECB’s helm is not likely to be a plus.


Carbon Dividends: A Plan for Earth’s Survival that Can Survive U.S. Politics?

Yves here. Carbon dividends are a way to create support for setting a price for carbon. None other than those starry-eyed granola heads at Financial Times called for setting a price for carbon in 2007. Pigovian taxes (ones meant to discourage activity, like transactions taxes) should typically not be seen as revenue generators, since you […]


Insurers Running Medicare Advantage Plans Overbill Taxpayers By Billions As Feds Struggle To Stop It

Lambert here: Because markets. Fred Schulte and Lauren Weber, Kaiser Health News. Originally published at Kaiser Health News. [UPDATED at 1:45 p.m. ET] Health insurers that treat millions of seniors have overcharged Medicare by nearly $30 billion the past three years alone, but federal officials say they are moving ahead with long-delayed plans to recoup […]