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Artificial Intelligence Wants You (and Your Job)

Yves here. Two things about increased automation frost me. One is its stealth or main purpose as forcing planned obsolescence. So irrespective of the impact on job/labor content, any savings won’t necessarily accrue to users. Two is automation/AI serving as an excuse to shift costs and tasks onto consumers. How many times do customer service […]


Michael Hudson Discusses Financialization, Rentierism, and Other Favorite Topics with Jessi Ora of Swedish Positiva Pengar Group

Michael Hudson gives another wide-ranging, tour de force interview. Enjoy!


Purdue Bankruptcy Plan Moves Closer to Approval: Sacklers Would Make Out Well and Preserve Much of the Family Fortune, Despite the Opioids Crisis

Last week fifteen states dropped opposition to Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy exit plan, making it likely the plan will be approved when it comes before a federal bankruptcy judge in August.