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How the Current Refusal to Deal Harshly with Failing Banks and Their Executives Will Create an Even Bigger Crisis

Why the expected official response to this bank panic wil make matters much worse, just not right away.


Reversing 30 Years of Damage from the Clintons, the DOJ Closes A Price-Fixing Loophole Wide Enough to Drive a Truck Through 

Why are you paying so much for everything? DOJ admits that decades-old carveout allowed even non concentrated industries to effectively build cartels to coordinate prices and wages


Scandal-Splattered UK Outsourcing Giant, Serco, Sets Sights on the Ultimate Gravy Train: U.S. Defense Contracting

The company has been repeatedly caught falsifying records, at times on a gargantuan scale. Now it is seeking opportunities in an industry where money routinely disappears in the trillions. What could possibly go wrong?