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The Inevitable Financial Crisis

We’re again in the Wile E Coyote phase of a financial crisis, but this time, the real economy problems are far worse than in 2008.


More Fallout From the Nord Stream Pipeline Attacks

By Conor Gallagher Yves wrote yesterday about what the Russian response might be to the Nord Stream attacks. I wanted to touch on a few other potential consequences I’ve come across, and as there are no doubt more, hope to see them in comments. Economic Catastophre in Europe Now Certain  There were questions in Washington […]


Michael Hudson on The Euro Without Germany

Conor: Germany’s swift demise reminds me of the German intelligence agent Bachmann in “A Most Wanted Man.” He’s led to believe he’s operating on an equal level with CIA and British intelligence only to realize too late he was being played the whole time. Hudson gets to the bottom of what Germany’s downfall will mean […]