Thursday, September 28, 2023

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/28/2023

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Links 9/29/2023

Hailsondes Launch Into Thunderstorms to Sound Them Out SpectrumIEEE (Chuck L) #COVID-19 From GM, who identified the speaker as Oh boy. This video is stunning. I’m a priest, so I’m an expert in wishful thinking. This guy… he’s living in fantasy land. 😮”the reason I want to believe that” Who said science is rational… 🙄 […]

$100 Oil Is Bad For The Economy (And For OPEC+)

$100 a barrel oil does not bode well for the economy in the US and even more so around the world. What might the political fallout be?

Links 9/28/2023

The State of Antitrust and the FTC’s Case Against Amazon

The FTC suit against Amazon argues the online giant coerced its online merchants. How does that map against antitrust law?

US Home Insurers Are Leaving Climate Risk Areas. We Need Affordable Housing Now

When the US housing crisis meets the looming insurance crisis, only government intervention will avert catastrophe.

Too Late to Not Nominate Biden

Biden’s refusal to step down assures chaotic outcomes. It is hard to see how he can win and hard to see how Trump would be permitted to win.

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/27/2023

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Deceit Pays Dividends: How CEO Lies Can Boost Stock Ratings and Fool Even Respected Financial Analysts

Reaching not-necessarily-sound conclusions from turning a supposed lie-detecting AI on CEO earnings calls and analyst ratings.

Links 9/27/2023

Foreign Bodies: Pandemics, Vaccines and the Health of Nations

Simon Schama’s book on pandemics and vaccines is highly informative, although KLG takes issue with Schama’s defense of Anthony Fauci.

Consulting Ethics: McKinsey Pays Additional $230 Million Opioid Settlement, Bringing Total to $870 Million

McKinsey’s latest payoff to avoid admiting culpability reveals some of the inherent problems with high-end management consulting.

FCC Chair Confirms Plan to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules Eviscerated Under Trump

The much-delayed appointment of a new FCC chair sets up the agency to roll back an anti-internet-freedom rule change under Trump.

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/26/2023

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Fracking Fallout: Is America’s Drinking Water Safe?

After many years, concerns about the impact of fracking on aquifers are finally going mainstream.