Monday, October 23, 2017

2:00PM Water Cooler 10/23/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: Temporarily open thread!

The Situation in Puerto Rico: The Roads

Efforts to repair the road system in Puerto Rico seem grossly incommensurate to the scope and degree of the damage.

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US Treasury Rates Hit Nine-Year Highs

But the yield spread collapses to lowest since early in the Financial Crisis. Even the Fed is worried.

Why Those Looking for the Next Crisis May be Looking in the Wrong Places

More and more experts are nattering nervously about market risk and occasionally using the “crisis” word. What are the potential hazards?

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s Forked Tongue on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

It is an insult to intelligence for Steven Mnuchin to claim that the Trump tax plan isn’t a sop to the rich. That’s the GOP’s raison d’etre.

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Rajoy Goes Nuclear on Catalonia’s Separatists, Seeks Suspension of Autonomy, National Takeover of Local Police and Public Broadcasting; Political and Economic Risk High

Spain’s prime minister Rajoy has set in motion a takeover of the government in Catalonia. What might happen next?

Oleg Deripaska, Supposed Ally of Paul Manafort, Slapped Down by Washington Court

Oleg Deripaska, Russia’s aluminium oligarch, has lost his campaign to stop negative press reporting of his business conduct

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Worst Health Care Revolving Door Case So Far, Version 2.0? – From President of Lilly USA to US Secretary of Health and Human Services?

Trump is managing the difficult task of setting new lows in the revolving door category.

Enlightenment Then, Enlightenment Now

On the role of the Scottish Enlightenment.

Reminder: NYC Meetup Next Tuesday, October 24; Philadelphia Meetup Thursday November 2

Providing the details for our upcoming NYC meetup. Hope to see you there!

2:00PM Water Cooler 10/20/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: Open thread.

Can Manipulating the Prices of ObamaCare’s “Silver” Plans Prevent Trump’s CSR Cuts from Having Any Impact?

ObamaCare subsidies are indexed to the price of Silver plans. This creates some counter-intuitive results.