Monday, December 10, 2018

2:00PM Water Cooler 12/10/2018

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Trade “Why Trump’s trade war is pushing China to become smarter and stronger, faster” [Hellenic Shipping News]. “The final communiqués at these lovefests must usually be written beforehand for anything to be agreed. Trump is the exception. He likes one-on-ones. He is a professional deal maker in a way that […]

Senators Press for Expanded Probe of FEMA Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

Senators Warren, Sanders, Blumenthal, and Durbin, has asked the DHS IG to expand an investigation into misallocation of funds budgeted for repair of hurricane-damaged homes and profit-skimming in Puerto Rico

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Criticizing the “Free Trade Delusion”: Havana Charter’s Progressive Trade Vision Subverted

UNCTAD’s latest World Development Report criticises the free trade delusion. This short post considers the trade alternative put forward seventy years ago in the Havana Charter — one that was neither nationalist nor neoliberal.

Brexit: May’s Handbag

Big Brexit events of the week are underway, starting with the ECJ ruling on unilateral reversal of an Article 50 notice.

Fight for Federal Right to Education Takes a New Turn

Can a series of lawsuits with new legal arguments persuade the Supreme Court to reverse a long-standing decision against a federal right to education?

As Global Climate Talks Proceed, Trump EPA Opts to Weaken Coal Emissions Standards

While parties to the 2015 Paris Accord conduct negotiations in Katowice, Poland, the EPA has opted to weaken coal emission standards promulgated during the administration of Trump’s predecessor.

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Jane Sanders: Climate Crisis Critical Issue in 2020 Elections

In this Real News Network interview, Jane Sanders discusses the climate crisis and tells Paul Jay that voters shouldn’t support candidates who claim to be progressive, but don’t prioritize the fight against fossil fuel interests.

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Is the Internet to Blame for the Rise of Authoritarianism?

Three perspectives on whether the internet is damaging democracy.

Bill Black: Who Said This? A Bank Fraud Quiz

Testing your knowledge of which top Federal officials have been tough and lax on bank fraud.

2:00PM Water Cooler 12/7/2018

Todays Water Cooler: NAFTA, Harris, O’Rourke, Sanders, SuperPACs, Pelosi and PayGo, employment, consumer sentiment, wholesale trade, Tesla, Apple, Lyft IPO, Kentucky water, working class voices, ALEC, data-mining twitter

The Inconvenient Truth about Climate Change and the Economy

The new IPCC Report is overly optimistic about global productivity growth and fossil fuel energy use. More dramatic, immediate action on climate change is needed

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