Wednesday, September 19, 2018

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/18/2018

Today’s Water Cooler: Open thread

Chevron Arbitration Ruling Against Ecuador ‘Completely Off Base’

A secret corporate arbitration panel in the Hague ruled that Ecuadorean courts’ $9.5 billion judgement against Chevron for environmental damages is illegal and should not be enforced. An expert argues that the decision is a travesty.

Links 9/18/18

Michael Hudson: The Lehman 10th Anniversary Spin as a Teachable Moment

Why you should take conventional wisdom about the Lehman collapse and the crisis with a fistful of salt.

J.D. Alt: Paying for Hurricanes

A reminder that the budgetary “paying for things” framing is a way to deny resources to citizens.

Gaius Publius: Brett Kavanaugh’s #MeToo Moment — Questions Raised As His Accuser Comes Forward

The Kavanaugh row gets messier.

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/17/2018

Today’s Water Cooler: Open thread

Anticipatory Unease: A Visit to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. During Naked Capitalism’s comment holiday, Yves and I also visited the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (CMBG), “Maine’s Premier Botanical Garden,” which it is! From their site: In just ten short years, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens has become one of the largest public gardens in the country, ranking among the top […]

Links 9/17/18

CalPERS’ PR Strategy on CEO Marcie Frost’s Resume Lies Backfiring

How CalPERS CEO Marcie Frost’s media mavens are only digging a deeper hole in the scandal over her misrepresentations before and after her hiring.

The Long History of Loneliness In the West

How the modern economy breeds loneliness.

Why Central Banks Should Not Be Inflation Nutters

Central banks need to stop fighting the last war.

Futuristic Nostalgia: Maine’s Two-Footer Railroads

The Maine two-footers were great. Why not revive them?

Links 9/16/18

Ending the Secrecy of the Student Debt Crisis

How to combat the mental health toll of struggling with student debt.