Monday, January 20, 2020

A European Green Deal Will Not Work Without Refocusing Productivity

A welfare-oriented European Green Deal needs to focus on resource and energy productivity, not raising labour productivity.

Links 1/20/2020

Brexit: Digging In

Brexit again gets ugly.

Sex Workers Can Tell You Why Sex Work Is Work – Speak to Them

Combatting mispercptions about sex work, paritcularly the need for better work condiions.

Lake Erie, Toxic Algae, and Mobilizing to Protect Toledo’s Drinking Water by Declaring the Lake a Person

How Toledo citizens mobilized to protect the Lake Erie ecosystem by declaring it to be a person with rights, the reaction of the corporations and the State, and how you can help.

Links 1/19/2020

For a Sustainable Food System, Look to Seeds

The work of building biodiversity into our food systems has two distinct challenges. One is preserving the genetic material contained in the seeds and the centuries of agricultural knowledge that have developed alongside them. And two is nurturing a relationship with the seeds as living beings.

Please Join Us! NYC Meetup This Thursday January 23 With Michael Hudson

Hope you can visit with Michael Hudson and Yves at our meetup this Thursday!

Links 1/18/2020

How Climate Change Influenced Australia’s Unprecedented Fires

Looking harder at the Australia and California fires.

Integrating Black and White American Economic History

The interplay of black and white economic history: slaves, freedmen, Jim Crow laws and the Great Migration.

2:00PM Water Cooler 1/17/2020

Today’s Water Cooler: Biden, Buttigieg, Sanders, Trump, AOC’s PAC, good economic reports, blockchain, bulding empty apartments for the rich, DoorDash, Google Maps, invasive species, Inca canals, gardens, surprise billing, readlining and mortality, jobs guarantee, Buddhism and printing,

The Impact of CEOs in the Public Sector: Evidence from the English NHS

The myth of magical CEOs seems to break down in the public sector.

Links 1/17/2020

SEC With Investment Managers: “Like the FBI Sitting Down With the Mafia”

A law firm partner discusses SEC capture as if it were perfectly normal….which sadly, it is.