Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Judge Entertainingly Dresses Down Expert in Neiman Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy judge minces no words. More, please.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/2/2020

COVID-19 not controlled ~ Trump’s heavy lift in the Electoral College ~ Biden’s speech (video; transcript) & reactions thereto ~ Rahul Dubey ~ Today’s primaries ~ Coincident indicators, housing, employment situation ~ Superspreaders ~ COVID-19 spike from protests? ~ Trekkie anniversary ~ Christo

Michael Hudson: Fed’s $10 Trillion Defends Assets of the Rich

Michael Hudson gives a detailed, if sobering, account of the outlook for the economy.

Links 6/2/2020

Why Did Covid-19 Spiral Out of Control?

Some Covid-19 sleuthing.

What’s the Earliest a Progressive Democrat Can Be Elected President?

Progressive pickins look mighty slim.

Condé Nast Hopelessly Botches Taking Paid Subscription As It Dumps Writers

Does Condé Nast not want your money?

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/1/2020

COVID-19 not under control in the United States ~ Biden visits Black church ~ Biden veepstakes: Demings ~ Sanders post mortem ~ Susan Rice has lost her mind ~ Legitimacy crisis ~ Construction, manufacturing ~ Riot v. rebellion ~ COVID-19 spread: New York Boston ~ Raccoon wins the Internet

New Poll Says a Majority of Americans Would Privilege Slowing the Spread of COVID-19 Over Restarting the Economy (Despite the Relentless Assault of Get Back to Work, Slackers! Propaganda)

New ABC-Washington Post poll shows a majority favor halting the spread of COVID-19 over restarting the economy – despite the propaganda blitz.

Links 6/1/2020

Watch: This Is What It Looks Like When the Response to Protests Against Police Violence Is… More Police Violence

Compilation of footage of police response to protests in various U.S. cities over police brutality and the killing of George Floyd, plus Amnesty International condemnation.

EU Stimulus Fakery as Brexit Stumbles Forward

The news on the EU and UK fronts is less than promising. It looks good only compared to rampaging cops on this side of the pond.

Why Americans Are Tiring of Social Distancing and Hand-Washing – 2 Behavioral Scientists Explain

Most people are not neurotic enough to maintain disiplines like social distancing over long periods of time.

COVID-19 Impact on the Fashion Industry: Slow Down

The pace of the wasteful fashion industry will slow as we learn to cope with COVID-19. Will sustainability become more than a buzzword?

Links 5/31/2020