Friday, March 5, 2021

Economists’ Rx: “Sick? Stay Home!”

Economists endorse sick day mandates. Pass the word.

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Covid Deranges the Immune System in Complex and Deadly Ways

The more experts look at Covid, the more they seem to come up with new questions rather than answers.

Covid Baby Bust Has Governments Rattled

A falloff in baby production has capitalists very worried.

The U.S. Grid Isn’t Ready For A Major Shift To Renewables

The Texas power outages exposed serious shortcomings with the structure and operation of the US electrical grid.

2:00PM Water Cooler 3/4/2021

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GOP Voting Rights Act Position Falls Apart in SCOTUS Arguments

The GOP scored an own goal in its Supreme Court arguments on a closely-watched Arizona voting rights case.

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Bad Stimulus: Government Payments to Individuals Are a Terrible Way to Solve America’s Structural Economic Problems

Why the Biden stimulus program is fundamentally wrongheaded.

Facebook and Google vs the Free Press

The effort to contain Google and Facebook were only in the skirmish stage until Australia and Maryland upped the ante with their tax powers.

RIP Gold. Killed by Bitcoin

Inflationistas have abandoned gold and moved on to a new fetish.

2:00PM Water Cooler 3/3/2021

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How the NATO Alliance Is Fighting Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine With Subsidies From State Budgets and the Gates Foundation, Hidden by bhe Financial Times

The Financial Times runs dodgy numbers to claim that Russia is vaccine price gouging to poor countries, when that’s Big Pharma’s gig.

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The Bullshit Economy: Homebuying “Help”

Introducing “The Bullshit Economy” from Jared Hoist, on products and companies that exist solely to exploit policy failures, in a bad way.