Wednesday, June 19, 2019

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/19/2019

Today’s Water Cooler: Biden GZF, Sanders, Warren, Poor People’s Campaign, Instagram influencers, Amazon 737s, logistics costs, Facebook’s Libra, AI and health care, Oregon cap-and-trade, flesh-eating bacteria, scientific fraud, grilled hot dogs

Miracle Life Support Machine ECMO Makes Heroic Rescues — And Leaves Patients In Limbo

A life support device, ECMO, can create difficult ethical choices for doctors and families.

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California’s Solar Energy Problem

California is overdoing on solar power, and that isn’t as good an idea as you might think.

America’s Suicide Epidemic

While the press increasingly covers America’s suicide crisis, Trump has pointedly ignored it even though it afflicts a large chunk of his base. Maybe that ‘s because he’d have to abandon policies that have made matters worse for undereducated rural whites.

How Italy Could Save the Euro

Italy is again threatening the Euro via a plan to introduce a parallel currency, the mini-BOT. Will this idea finally push the Eurozone to make overdue reforms?

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/18/2019

Today’s Water Cooler: Poor People’s Campaign, Biden, Sanders, Trump, Warren, oil and the Gulf of Oman, copper, fish, shipping emissions, Facebook introduces Libra stablecoin, unicorns, guns, Frank Luntz, gaming exams, feminism, OS/2, Maslow revised

Boeing Sells 0 Planes on First Day of Paris Air Show v. 123 for Airbus, Yet Boeing Still Pushing for More Weakening of FAA Standards Via Greater Use of Computer Testing

Boeing seems determined to make its bad situation worse.

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The Question NBC’s Debate Moderators Should Ask Elizabeth Warren on #MedicareForAll

Despite all appearances to the contrary, Elizabeth Warren may be prepared to give #MedicareForAll more than lip service.

Still No Minimum Wage Bill – Not Because Of Trump Or McTurtle – Because Of Pelosi And Hoyer And Their Blue Dogs

Minimum wage increases….another nice thing the Democrats don’t really stand for.

Bad Loans Still Too High at Eurozone Banks, ECB Warns

The ECB is concerned that the latest fix for bad loans still leaves banks in a weakened state.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/17/2019

Today’s Water Cooler: Supply chain woes, Biden in debate, Buttigieg fundraising, Inslee, Festival of Warren, idpol, Democrat gerontocracy, manufacturing, housing, trucking slowdown, ice sheets, forests, Leonard Cohen

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Two Hours Spent Weekly in Nature Improves Health

Study shows higher self-reported levels of good health and subjective well-being for those who spend two hours weekly in touch with nature.

Why Is CalPERS Still So Afraid of Elisabeth Bourqui?

CalPERS is acting awfully guilty.