Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Google Collecting Medical Data on Millions Without Informing Patients or Doctors

Google now wants to play doctor.

Brexit: Farage Capitulates…or Does He?

NIgel Farage does Boris a solid. But the Tories want more concessions. Are they forthcoming?

The Many Ways Sanders and Warren Are Different & Why It Matters

A look at key policy differences between Sanders and Warren.

Hope You Can Come to Our Birmingham Meetup Thursday November 21

Birmingham meetup next week! Hope you can make it!

Billionaire Entryism: Prospects and Problems for Mayor “Mike” Bloomberg’s Presidential Run

Who is Bloomberg going to take votes from? Will his late entry into the campaign work? Oppo, oppo, oppo! Can be buy enough votes? And is he really running?!

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/11/2019

Today’s Water Cooler: open thread

Links 11/11/19

Roiled Repo Markets: Looking for Answers in All the Wrong Places

If you are worried about repo, you are worried about the wrong thing. If anything, it’s a symptom of too much liquidity demand from the FX swaps market.

How The iPhone Widens the US Trade Deficit With China: The Case Of The iPhone X

The iPhone case unambiguously demonstrates that conventional trade statistics significantly inflate China’s trade imbalance with the US.

30 Years After the Berlin Wall Came Down, East and West Germany Are Still Divided

Why Eastern Germany is still a place apart.

Electronic Voting Machine Debacle Continues in 2019, Setting Dangerous Precedent for 2020

Bloomberg’s recent story on electronic voting machines is good, but ignores their private equity owners, soft-pedals the role of corruption, and ignores the incursion of the intelligence community into the voting process.

Links 11/10/19

As New York Takes Exxon to Court, Big Oil’s Strategy Against Climate Lawsuits Is Slowly Unveiled

Rex Tillerson grilled in New York City courtroom.

Links 11/9/19

The Managers’ Coup d’Etat in Health Care Appears Complete – a Study of Top Health Care “Influencers”

How health care in America has been undermined by the deliberate elevation of know-nothing mangers.