Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Seventeen States Sue EPA for Allowing California to Set Tougher Vehicle Emissions Standards

Seventeen Republican AGs sued to overturn EPA waiver allowing California to set tougher vehicale emissions standards.

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The Super Immunity of Our Fabulously Wealthy Corporate Dictators

Ralph Nader on corporate legal immunity.

Inflation Freakout and Possible Fed Overshoot

There’s a lot of nattering about inflation and not enough insight.

Attention Deficit Disorder, The Anticapitalist Condition

Is this hyperbole: “Attention deficit disorder is the neurological condition of late capitalism.”

Plastic Watch: Nanoplastics and Coffee Cups

Yet another reason to dispense with disposable coffee cups: nanoplastics, which are ingested when the coffee is drunk. The health implications of their ubiquity is unknown and has not yet been well-studied.

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What the Next Australian Government Must Do to Save the Great Barrier Reef

After four bleaching events in the last seven years, is it too late to save the Great Barrier Reef? Time is running out to get serious about climate change.

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As the Planet Warms, Let’s Be Clear: We Are Sacrificing Lives for Profits

Climate change is the result of a deadly calculus: human lives are worth risking and even losing over the profits of global corporations.

Book Review: The Toxic Legacy of DDT

In “How to Sell a Poison,” Elena Conis chronicles the history of DDT and its lasting impact.

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Time Is Running Out to Save Sri Lanka from Total Economic Collapse

Once hailed as South Asia’s ‘success story’, Sri Lanka has faced months of escalating violent unrest.

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