Sunday, December 4, 2022

Links 12/4/2022

The Jobs Report in Light of what Powell Said: The Fed Cannot Create Supply of Labor, But it Can Slow the Demand for Labor

Higher interest rates, for longer.

Links 12/3/2022

“Jobs Are Up! Wages Are Up! So Why Am I as an Economist so Gloomy?”

Since the Fed can’t get more workers into the workplace but thinks it’s in charge of inflation, it will kill jobs with rate hikes.

Book Review: An Unflinching Critique of the Eugenics Movement

In “Control,” geneticist Adam Rutherford grapples with the dark history of eugenics and now its engineered implementation.

2:00PM Water Cooler 12/2/2022

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State of Big Tech 2022: Dismantling National & Global Digital Enclosures

From fintech to food systems to social media, the State of Big Tech offers a blueprint for the 99% to break privatized status-quo enclosures.

Links 12/2/2022

Latin American Leaders Call For Pardon and Release of Julian Assange from His “Unjust Imprisonment”

“Many people in Europe are following with admiration what is now happening in [Latin America],” said Wikileaks’ editor-in-chief and close confidant of Assange. “When looking at the political landscape in Europe all we have are dark forces.”

Biden Keeps Up Tough Talk on Ukraine Despite Evidence of Failure

The collective West is having a wee bit of trouble with facts on the ground in Ukraine.

Hot Air Versus Hot Cash – The Europeans Prefer Russian LNG To US LNG

Yves here. The literature on cognitive biases has many examples of how presenting the same economic proposition in different terms, such as insurance versus a bet, will elicit different responses. Here we has the Russian gas cognitive bias. If it comes via a dedicated pipeline, as in no way, no how can Europeans kid themselves […]

Announcing Mini Fundraiser and Launch of Payment Kludge!

We are breaking from our usual practice of only one fundraiser a year to have a mini-event. We hope you are in a festive mood and will include this humble site in your holiday giving. When we launched our big event early, as in over Labor Day weekend, we said we might hold a second […]

2:00PM Water Cooler 12/1/2022

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Adult-Child Genius Sam Bankman-Fried Opts for “I’m Hopelessly Stupid and Confused” Defense

Sadly, the press is eating up Sam Bankman-Fried’s not-remotely-credible defense of ignorance and addlebrain (as opposed to Adderall brain)

Links 12/1/2022