Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Class Composition of the Capitol Rioters (First Cut)

A self-funded, petite bourgeoisie riot?

2:00PM Water Cooler, Martin Luther King Day 2021

~ Today’s Water Cooler ~

Why Martin Luther King Day Should Matter

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s true legacy.

Links 1/18/2021

More Jockeying on Kentucky Pension Case, Mayberry v. KKR

Mayberry v. KKR may finally be getting to the starting line.

The Merits of Fire Sales and Bailouts in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fire sales are not as detrimental as executives desperate to save their jobs would have you believe. That means bailouts may be overdone.

Another Warning About Comments

We are again having to clear our throat about comments.

Notes on Covid: New Variants in Brazil and South Africa, Herd Immunity Fails in Manaus, Success in Vietnam

Realism on covid variants and immunity, the failure of herd immunity in Manaus, and how Vietnam fought Covid and won.

Links 1/17/2021

The Double Irony of the New UK-EU Trade Relationship

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement signed between the European Union and the United Kingdom goes against six decades of UK efforts to avoid being economically disadvantaged in Europe.

Links 1/16/2021

Lessons From the 6 January Capitol Insurrection

Musing about the drivers of the Capitol seizure.

Pelosi Removes Katie Porter… Bringing Joy & Gratitude To Every Crooked Bankster On Wall Street

Pelosi doubles down on Team Dem’s loyalty to Big Finance.

5 Reasons to Wear a Mask Even After You’re Vaccinated

Yes, Virginia, a mask is very much part of your future.

Links 1/15/2021