Monday, September 26, 2022

US Tightens the Screws on Turkey Over Cooperation with Russia 

By Conor Gallagher Two of Turkey’s largest banks are no longer accepting Russia’s Mir payments system. The moves on September 19 come following threats from the US of secondary sanctions. Turkey’s largest private lender IsBank and Denizbank, a Turkish unit of the United Arab Emirates’ NBD, were the banks who suspended services. Visa and Mastercard […]

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Europe Faces An Exodus Of Energy-Intensive Industries

Fortune passes everywhere.

How Ashish Jha and Rochelle Walensky of Newton, MA Protect Their Children from Covid (But not Yours)

But Jha and Walensky aren’t the only residents of Newton, thank heavens.

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Book Excerpt: Rituals and the Search for Order

Research suggests that we spontaneously engage in ritualized behavior when facing stressful and uncertain situations.

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Michael Hudson Discusses Debt, Financial Surveillance, the Fed and More With Ralph Nader

Michael Hudson has a wide-ranging talk with Ralph Nader.

Russian Partial Mobilization: And Then There Were None

Two Russian militarty experts comment on the partial mobilization and what might come next.

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/23/2022

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Australian State Government Bails Out Owners of Taxi Licenses After Uber Destroys Their Value

The NSW government allowed Uber’s illegal market entry and now makes consumers pay to bail out taxi license owners. Having paid to bail out taxi owners, the NSW taxi industry will nonetheless be completely deregulated.

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Ramping Up Renewables Won’t Save The World From A Cold Winter

Renewables alone won’t be able to supply our coming energy needs. A decline in nuclear power as well as local production and storage of natural gas has left places like Europe particularly vulnerable to energy shortages in the winter.

The US-Led War on Drugs, Now in Its 51st Year, Just Hit a Major Snag in Colombia

After a million deaths in Latin America, Washington’s staunchest ally in the region just called time on the US’ “irrational war against drugs”.

Is ‘Seize Now, Sort It Later’ Itself an Assault on Liberty?

In a novelist’s world, there’d be two attacks on liberty, and the public would be led to see one of them.