Thursday, September 23, 2021

NYC Set to Pass Food Delivery App Laws Securing Workers Minimum Pay, Bathrooms and More

Gig workers, specifically deliveristas, are en route to securing important workplace protections, like minimum wages and bathroom rights.

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Waste Watch: Ocean Cleanup Yields Meager Results

Ocean Cleanup shows meager results in cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Barge.

CalPERS Devises “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” Gamble for Long-Term Care Policyholders in Settlement

Why the proposed CalPERS long-term care insurance settlement has the look and feel of a con job.

The European Energy Crisis Is About To Go Global

Rising energy prices in the US look set to go higher.

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The Lasting Impact of the Covid Crisis on Economic Potential

A look at how Covid has damaged the economy and estimating the effect.

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Mexico’s AMLO Just Made Washington and Ottawa an Offer They’ll Probably Refuse

AMLO’s proposal: to build an alliance of states within Latin American and the Caribbean, and then pursue economic integration with the United States and Canada. 

Algorithmic Management

Examinging how algorithmic management works and why it is likely to become even more widespread.

Record Level of American Men Foregoing College

Why are so many young men giving up on college?

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Rationing, Anyone?

Why rationing might be part of the future.

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Law Review Article Describes Private Equity as Bargaining Failure, Indictment of Law and Economics Fetishization of Contracts

An important new paper puts another big chink in private equity’s armor.