Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Boeing Crapfication: 737 MAX Play-by-Play, Regulatory Capture, and When Will CEO Muilenburg Become the Sacrificial Victim?

High-level causes of the 737 MAX debacle, and how MCAS got certified.

2:00PM Water Cooler 3/19/2019

Today’s Water Cooler: Trade and heavy machinery, Houston chemical fire, plate tectonics and ice ages, superbugs in space, Iowa manure, Midwest flooding, PG&E and fire, college deans on corruption, advertising in space

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Technology: From Copycats to Innovators

How China is cuttting into America’s technology advantage, and how the US can respond.

Another Theresa May Faceplant as the Brexit Clock Ticks: Speaker Bercow Nixes Another Meaningful Vote in Current Session [Updated]

Brexit demonstrates the saying, “Things look the darkest before they go completely black.”

Bill Black: The Day Orthodox Economists Lost Their Minds and Integrity (#MMT)

Chronicling and debunking more scurrilous attacks against MMT.

2:00PM Water Cooler 3/18/2019

Todays Water Cooler: Open thread.

Report from the Ground in Paris: The Most Recent Gilets Jaunes Protests

A report from Colonel Smithers.

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Electronic Health Records: Death By A Thousand Clicks

Rather than an electronic ecosystem of information, the nation’s thousands of EHRs largely remain a sprawling, disconnected patchwork. Moreover, the effort has handcuffed health providers to technology they mostly can’t stand and has enriched and empowered the $13-billion-a-year industry that sells it.

Shotgun Marriage: Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank Discuss Merger

Even by the low standards of necessity-driven bank mergers, the proposed tie up of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank looks particularly dodgy.

“Middle Class” Once Meant Stability and Now Means Fragility

The middle class used to be the bedrock of American institutions. Now its members are coping with an uncertain future.

Seeking Feedback on Possible Meetups: DC on Thursday March 28, Milwaukee on Wednesday May 1?

Please react to some ideas for meetups!

Can Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Be Trusted To Turn Facebook into a “Privacy-Focused Communications Platform?”

Spoiler alert: No.

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