Friday, May 14, 2021

Book Review: A Ground-Level Look at America’s Health Care System

In “The Hospital,” Brian Alexander chronicles the struggle to provide adequate health care in small-town America during Covid.

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CalPERS Long Term Care Program Bleeds Policyholders Dry via 10X Higher Premiums, Gross Mismanagement, Bad Faith Dealing

CalPERS continued to abuse its long-term care policy holders, via contract-defying rate increases vastly higher than other insurers.

Why Biden’s Carbon Pricing and Electric Vehicle Plans Won’t Avert Climate Crisis

Unfortunately, central Biden Administration climate change policies, like carbon taxes/pricing, fall well short of the level of action needed

Iran To Saudi Arabia: Sell Our Oil And We Will Reduce Houthi Attacks

An credible outlet reports that Iran is negotiating with the Saudis to work around US economic sanctions. Oops!

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/13/2021

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A Night Under the Bombs in Gaza

It is a long and tough night in Gaza. We cannot sleep. The house feels like it is shaking. We are all afraid.

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Sputtering About Crypto and the US Pipeline Ransomware Attack

You can hear the silence about the role of crypto in the Colonial Pipeline and a growing spate of ransom demands.

I Spent a Year and a Half at a ‘No-Excuses’ Charter School – This Is What I Saw

A tally of the limittions of the strict “no excuses” charter school format that bizarrely skips over their intent to weed out students.

Michael Hudson on American as Absentee Landlord on The Greyzone: Biden Administration, New Cold War, Super Imperialism, Dollar Weaponization

Michael Hudson discusses geopolitics including currency power plays, global institutions like the IMF, the new Cold War, and Bill Gates

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/12/2021

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UK Company Law and Tax Enforcement Is So Bad It’s Almost as if the Government Wanted to Encourage Tax Abuse

UK tax scamming goes mass, abusing the contact and trace program to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds.

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Pandemic Divergence: The Social and Economic Costs of Covid-19

An early stab at a Covid ledger. Not pretty.