Tuesday, May 26, 2020

#COVID19: New Practical Results on Airborne Transmission Indoors

To avoid airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2, don’t be like a bat!

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/25/2020

Why did COVID-19 hit New York so disproportionately hard? ~ Biden faces Teen Vogue, veepstakes challenges ~ Response to Nagle/Tracey Sanders post mortem ~ Kusher to improve Republican platform ~ Kendall Jenner ~ Facebook debacle ~ Yacht woes ~ Knife sharpeners ~ HyperCard

Is There a Role For NGOs in the Transformation of Society?

In the last five years we’ve published 30 articles on NGOs and social change. What do they reveal?

Links 5/25/2020

If the Federal Government Won’t Fund the States’ Emergency Needs, There Is Another Solution

Some ways aroung the Federal government’s present refusal to do much for state and localities.

Call Any Vegetable

Memorial Day musings on plants and vegetables (and fruits).

Links 5/24/2020

The War Nerd: How Many Dead Yemeni Nobodies Does It Take to Equal 1 Wapo Contributor?

It’s not easy to get a real-life scientific-type test of the relative weight of a WaPo writer’s death and the deaths of “enemy” civilians. Well, we’ve got such a test now. I just found it at the BBC News site.

Links 5/23/2020

Michael Hudson and Dr. Jeffrey Miron of Cato Debate Capitalism

Michael Hudson sharpens some of his arguments in a discussion with a Harvard/Cato Institute stalwart.

Craig Murray Documents Abuse of Process, aka Kangaroo Court, via Butchered Indictment

The UK court is play so dirty with Craig Murray that it might make our FISA court look good.

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/22/2020

COVID charts linear, not log ~ Testing data horridly comminingled ~ Biden tearful ~ Biden cranky ~ Sanders mutes supporters ~ Trump counties and COVID ~ COVID and gyms ~ HQ not under the lamp-post ~ Air cargo drop ~ Rail drop ~ Dr. Doom expects food riots ~ The Cannonball Run ~

Food Security: Prince Charles Calls for Furloughed Workers to Pick Berries; My Thoughts as a Former Tomato Picker

Some thoughts from a former tomato picker – moi – on the call from Prince Charles for furloughed workers to help with the food harvest in Britain.

Links 5/22/2020

Bernie Sanders Says It Is ‘Nauseating’ to See Corporations Praise Frontline Workers as ‘Heroes’ While Refusing to Pay Them More

Whatever you may think of Bernie Sanders suspending his presidential campaign, his criticism of corporations who laud workers as heroes while refusing to pay them is spot on.