Tuesday, September 21, 2021

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/21/2021

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Rationing, Anyone?

Why rationing might be part of the future.

Links 9/21/2021

Law Review Article Describes Private Equity as Bargaining Failure, Indictment of Law and Economics Fetishization of Contracts

An important new paper puts another big chink in private equity’s armor.

Can China’s Outsized Real Estate Sector Amplify a Delta-Induced Slowdown?

Whether by accident or design, the implosion of China’s Evergrande will take some air out of its inflated real estate sector. What then?

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/20/2021

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Links 9/20/2021

Wolf Richter: What a Collapse of China’s Evergrande Would Mean

Chinese authorities implement massive crackdown on liquidity-driven inflows into the housing sector.

Matt Stoller: #OccupyWallStreet Is a Church of Dissent, Not a Protest

Trying to clear up the rear-view-mirror takes on OccupyWallStreet, ten years later.

Can the Economy Afford NOT To Fight Climate Change?

Yves here. If humans are fortunate enough merely to suffer a Jackpot rather than a full-bore collapse, perhaps future historians will try to make sense of why individuals and governments did pretty much squat to prevent climate change even when they recognized it really was well underway and would produce very bad outcomes. I imagine […]

Global Coral Coverage Down by Half Since the 1950s

Coral reefs worldwide are facing impacts from climate change, overfishing, habitat destruction, and pollution.

Links 9/19/2021

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A Football World Cup Every Two Years? An Expert Runs the Numbers

FIFA has floated a proposal to hold the football World Cup every two years rather than every four. Will the overall effect be a positive one for Fifa’s income?

Links 9/18/2021

Covax Misses its 2021 Delivery Target – What’s Gone Wrong in the Fight Against Vaccine Nationalism?

The latest supply forecast for Covax – the programme for sharing COVID-19 vaccines around the world – suggests that accelerating vaccination in low-income countries looks unlikely.