Sunday, February 5, 2023

Links 2/5/2023

Chinese Spy Balloon Over the US: An Aerospace Expert Explains How the Balloons Work and What They Can See

Balloon details from an aerospace engineer.

US Fails Miserably in Efforts to Isolate Russia

Victoria Nuland is a loser as even the newspaper of record admits defeat.

Links 2/4/2023

James Galbraith: The Quasi-Inflation of 2021-2022 – A Case of Bad Analysis and Worse Response

Galbraith explains why conventional views of inflation are a particularly poor fit for recent price increases and produced bad policy

Employment of “People with a Disability” Spiked to Record in Hot Labor Market. Applications for Disability Benefits Fell to 20-Year Low

Covid-induced labor market tighteness is giving people with a disabilty more access to jobs than evah.

2:00PM Water Cooler 2/3/2023

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A Big Reckoning Starting for Private Equity and Its Public Pension Fund Enthusiasts

Private equity returns are finally going pear-shaped, but for the most part, investors are re-upping their bets.

Links 2/3/2023

Companies in UK Are Hitting the Wall at Fastest Rate Since Global Financial Crisis

As the price of everything, including debt, continues to soar, life is getting harder and harder for the UK’s heavily indebted businesses.

How Corporations Hope to Eviscerate Workers’ Right to Strike

A suit by Glacier Northwest, seeking to recover costs it incurred during a strike, is now before the Supreme Court.

US Inflation Policies Slowing World Economy

The Fed is playing killer of the current inflation even though it isn’t set up to do so. That’s hurting a lot of innocent bystanders.

2:00PM Water Cooler 2/2/2023

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An Old, Small Opening Salvo v Russia? 2013 Bank Bail-In “increasingly has the smell of a proxy Germany v. Russia struggle through Cyprus”

A closer look at an old Eurozone banking crisis shows how Cyprus was (at least to a degree) used to get at Russia.

Links 2/2/2023