Monday, June 25, 2018

Links 6/25/18

Some Public Pension Funds Give KKR a Wet Noodle Lashing Over Toys ‘R’ Us Collapse

Not surprisingly, action in the wake of private equity investors Bain, KKR and Vornado stiffing Toys ‘R’ Us workers of their severance have generated more press than restitution. But some of the ideas bruited about would have real teeth.

Global Financial Governance Ten Years After the Crisis

By now it is both prudent and sensible to assume that there will always be new financial crises, and that the most vulnerable nations and economically disadvantaged and politically disenfranchised groups within them will bear the heaviest burdens.

Italy Threatens to Throw Spanner in European Alternative to Russian Gas

Italy threatens to make trouble on another European front.

Links 6/24/18

An Increasing Number of Struggling Americans Are Turning to Check Cashers and Payday Loans

Nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population now uses alternative financial services.

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We are seeking a new WordPress support pro….any help very much appreciated!

Will Investors Like CalPERS Fall for Private Equity’s Long-Lived Fund Con?

Beware of the private equity “innovation,” the long-lived or “permanent capital” fund. It is virtually guaranteed to short change investors on returns needed to compensate for the longer holding period.

Links 6/23/18

Why Italy’s Crisis Is the Left’s Crisis

Why framing the political struggle in Italy as mainstream versus populist shifts focus away from the most important issue, Eurozone reform, where the battle is mercantilists versus Keynesians.

Wilkerson: Don’t Trust Trump, Bolton to Deliver US-North Korea Peace

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson and Real News Network host Aaron Mate mix it up a bit more than usual on the topic of North Korea.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/22/2018

Today’s Water Cooler: Tariffs and apparel,Trump in Duluth, MO, ME, WV Senate, immigration policy, I-95 stops, voting shenanigains, manufacturing, vanilla, hedgies, alcoholism, warrants for cellphone location information, sociology of science

Why Did Trump Win? Robots Are to Blame

Why robots, and not “bots,” may have been responsible for Trump’s win.

Links 6/22/18

Richard Murphy: New Funding Structure for the Bank of England Suggests That the Treasury Thinks the Proverbial Is Going To Hit the Fan

The Bank of England is being readied to print, as in deficit spend, in the face of a hard or crash out Brexit.