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Former Board Member JJ Jelincic Sues CalPERS Over Illegal Secret Board Discussion After CIO Ben Meng’s Abrupt Departure and Hiding of Records Related to $583 Million Overstatement of Real Estate Assets

Former CalPERS board member JJ Jelincic is pursuing the thankless task of getting the agency to shape up. He may have found a leverage point.


Why Amazon Is Fighting So Hard to Stop Warehouse Workers From Unionizing

Amazon has much to answer for, like wage theft and brutal workplace condidtion, and is throwing its muscle behind not being held to account.


Mayberry v. KKR: Kentucky Attorney General Shows True Colors, Looks Over-Eager to Settle Pathbreaking Pension Case Rather Than Inconvenience Private Equity Kingpins Blackstone and KKR

Yet more underhanded-looking dealing, this time by the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, in the landmark pension case Mayberry v. KKR.