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CalPERS Chief Investment Officer Defends Tax Abuse as Investor Benefit

CalPERS Chief Investment Officer made statements to the Investment Committee that are demonstrably false. As a video of the August Investment Committee meeting shows, Eliopoulos apparently does not grasp how a common tax avoidance scheme by general partners is not beneficial to limited partners. Even worse, he failed to mention that the IRS has recently proposed rules to end this tax abuse.


CalPERS Staff Demonstrates Repeatedly That They Don’t Understand How Private Equity Fees Work

The oversimplifications, mistakes, and refusals to answer basic questions by CalPERS staff members at the last Investment Committee meeting of its board suggest that CalPERS has so little understanding of private equity that it cannot responsibly invest in that strategy at all. These errors related to concepts that are fundamental to understanding the economics of a private equity investments and hence to negotiating them.


Senior Private Equity Officers at CalPERS Do Not Understand How They Guarantee That Private Equity General Partners Get Rich

Over the course of the last Investment Committee meeting of the CalPERS Board of Directors, many of the statements made by senior members of CalPERS’ investment staff showed a lack of understanding of basic issues, such as the industry’s economics and how widely-used contract terms operate.