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Nuland’s Nemesis: Will Greece Be Destroyed to Save Her From Russia, Like Ukraine?

Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew have been far more quiet than you’d expect given their attentiveness to the needs of the investing classes and the threat that protracted wrangling with Greece might pose to that. Of course, they might believe that Draghi’s bazooka is more effective than Hank Paulson’s proved to be in the runup to the final phase of the financial crisis. But John Helmer indicates below that the Greek referendum has intensified the Administration’s interest in regime change in Greece. Also note that the anti-Greek government interests have connections to Hillary Clinton.


Ed Harrison: Some Thoughts on the Coming Defaults of Greece

Lambert here: This post is a 30,000-foot view of the unfolding Greek crisis, written after the Eurozone finance minister’s meeting at Riga in April, but still good, and republished, today. tl;dr: The opera ain’t over ’til the ECB sings. Ruthlessly oversimplifying one aspect of Harrison’s post, Grexit is “arduous,” because the EU is a Rube […]


Tsipras’ Bailout Referendum Sham

At 1:00 AM in Athens on Saturday morning, Greek prime minister Alex Tsipras announced that Greece would hold a referendum on July 5 on whether to accept the terms provided by the creditors in order for Greece to obtain €7.2 billion in “bailout” funds as the final part of a loan package provided to Greece in 2012.

The bailout in fact expires on June 30. It is too late for Greek voters to have any say on the Greek government’s posture in the negotiations. So what was this ploy meant to achieve?