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Italy’s Atlas Bank Bailout Fund: The Shareholder of Last Resort

By Silvia Merler, former Economic Analyst in DG Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission (ECFIN) and an affiliate fellow at Bruegel. Cross-posted from Bruegel. In Greek mythology, Atlas the Titan was condemned by Zeus to eternally hold the weight of the sky on his shoulders. A mythological struggle that has recently made the […]


Greece-Troika Train Wreck Shaping Up for July Despite IMF Leak

As hard as it seems to believe, the IMF is shaping up as a less bad actor in the continuing Greece austerity saga. Germany finance minister Wolfgang Schauble, by contrast, seems emboldened by Merkel’s fallen stature, which couldn’t come at a worse time for Greece.


Intra-EMU Divergence Is A Feature Not A Bug

Yves here. I’m leery of reinforcing the “competitiveness” meme, since it’s based on the false premise that all countries can be exporters. But this article nevertheless makes important observations about Eurozone structural flaws.