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Goldman Sachs Predicting $45 Oil By October

Conventional wisdom for some time has been that weakness in oil prices would be short-lived, with prices rallying in the second half (and arguably, the current rally representing the financial markets correctly anticipating a much improved supply/demand picture soon).

Goldman breaks with this consensus, arguing that prices will fall again as drilling will pick up again quickly. Their argument is similar to that of John Dizard, who at the outset of the oil price swoon, said it would not be over until the US shale players ran out of financial rope and money for oil plays became more scarce and costly.


2:00PM Water Cooler 5/18/15

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Dear patient readers: This Water Cooler will be a little more abbreviated than usual, because that campaign corruption epic took longer than I thought it would. In fact, I’m so rushed I published it at 12:55, instead of 13:55. Oopsie! TPP From the Department of Things That Will Happen When […]