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Presentation Shows Private Equity Investors Knowingly Sign Contracts With Waivers of Fiduciary Duty, Other Terms Stacked Against Them

We’ve pointed out that private equity investors, known in the trade as limited partners, enter into agreements with private equity firms that do a terrible job of protecting the investors’ interests. That sad reality is contrary to the urban legend propagated by the general partners, that the agreements are negotiated, that the limited partners are sophisticated and understand full well what they are getting into.

The evidence on the ground strongly suggests otherwise. Today, we’ll go through a document presented by a top lawyer for limited partners that shows how the general partners continue to skew the agreements even more in their favor, yet the outside legal guns fail to beat back these terms.


SEC Regulatory Capture Scandal: Andrew Bowden’s Fawning Over Private Equity Was No Mistake

Two weeks ago, we discussed how the head of the SEC’s examination unit, Andrew Bowden, gushed about the private equity industry at a conference at Stanford Law School, including joking about how he’s told his son to work in the industry.

Defenders of Bowden might argue that he had the government official version of a bad hair day, attempting to inject some levity in a dry conference and having the remarks go wildly off the rails.

But it turns out that Bowden has been making the same type of statements, save the “Gee it would be great for Cole to work in private equity” part since at least last fall.