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SEC Gives Blackstone $39 Million Wet Noodle Lashing Over Private Equity Abuses

The SEC is up to its usual kabuki, of pretending that a mere cost-of-doing business punishment for a firm that has engaged in widespread abuses amounts to a serious effort at enforcement. The gap between misconduct and SEC action is particularly striking in the case of private equity. In May 2014, former SEC examination chief […]


Private Equity Underperformance Denialist, Pension Consulting Alliance, Tells CalSTRS to Fix Performance Problems by Scrapping Benchmark

CalSTRS’ and CalPERS’ consultant, Pension Consulting Alliance, argues for getting rid of benchmarks altogether in a desperate effort to depict investing in private equity as ever and always sound.


Former California Official Blasts CalPERS CEO Anne Stausboll, Staff, and Board for Misconduct

Former California official Tony Butka He deems Chief Investment Officer, Ted Eliopoulos, the head of private equity, Réal Desorchers, and private equity professional Christine Gogan to have been so dishonest with the board that they all have should have received a notice of intent to discharge.