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California State Treasurer Takes Up CalPERS Private Equity Carry Fee Reporting Lapse After NC Readers Press Him

The top elected official on CalPERS’ board, State Treasurer John Chiang, says he wants CalPERS to get serious about providing carry fee data. That’s a good start, but board members like Chiang need to get serious about addressing how CalPERS’ staff shirks its fiduciary duties and evades board oversight.


Time to “Fire” Mary Jo White: SEC Covers Up for Bank Capital Accounting Scam Promoted by Her Former Firm, Debevoise

Pam Martens and Russ Martens published a mind-boggling expose yesterday on how the SEC is refusing to stop an abuse by major banks that increases systemic risk.


Memo to Readers: If You Want to Beat Big Finance, You Need to be Able to Take the Fight to Their Terrain

We are now 35 years into a finance-led counterrevolution. If you care about income inequality, student loan debt slavery, foreclosure abuses, and other products of the success of this effort, it behooves you, as Sun Tzu urged, to understand your enemy.