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Cryptocurrencies: Financial (In)stability and (Un)fairness

If private cryptocurrencies were to find widespread economic use, either coexisting with or fully displacing fiat money, the result would be increased financial instability, inequality, and social instability.


US Copyright Office Advances Right to Repair: Victory for Consumers for Now

US Copyright Office issues a rule that allows a right to repair for smartphones, home appliances, home systems, and motorized land vehicles – including tractors. The rule is imperfect and the Empire will certainly strike back as Congress explores further necessary measures.


Plastic Watch: Five Flaws in the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Plan

Plastic Watch: The European Parliament recently approved a plan that will ban outright certain single-use plastics. Alas, these measures fall far short of what’s necessary, both in timing and scope, to address the burgeoning plastic crisis. And they would only apply to the EU.