Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Democratic Debate #1 (Las Vegas): Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley, Chafee, and Webb

Drinking games, Bingo Cards, tweets, live blogs, and the live feed for the Democratic debate.

2:00PM Water Cooler 10/13/2015

Today’s Water Cooler: TTIP and democracy, Eric Schmidt’s weird Clinton startup, honey for the bears, class warfare and the brain, emojis

Michael Hoexter: Should the US Federal Government Invest $4-$6 Trillion Per Year on Climate Protection? (Part 1 of 2)

Why the excuses to do nothing or too little on the climate change front don’t hold up to serious scrutiny.

Come Join Lambert for the Democratic Presidential Debate

Since some of you will no doubt be watching the first Democratic presidential debate tonight, Lambert has graciously agreed to host a special feature

Links 10/13/15

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After NC, Media Coverage of CalPERS and CalSTRS Private Equity Fee Lapses, California Treasurer John Chiang Calls for Legislation

California Treasurer John Chiang takes a big step forward by demanding legislation for much greater disclosure of private equity fees and costs

The UK’s Money Laundering Mess (I)

The Billion Dollar Moldova Bank Scam: gateway to the UK’s money laundering mess

Harvard Business Review Ranks Amazon’s Jeff Bezos as Most Predatory CEO

A new Harvard Business Review ranking shows Amazon’s Jeff Bezos as being the top predator among CEOs.

2:00PM Water Cooler Columbus Day 2015

Today’s Water Cooler: Columbus, the platinum coin once more, Democratic debates, proxies for the real economy, and a very large pumpkin

Russia’s Move In Syria Threatens Energy Deals With Turkey

Will the Turkish Stream project be a casualty of Putin’s bold moves in Syria?

Steve Keen: “Mainstream Economics” and Its Deadly Equilibrium Assumption

Steve Keen, one of the very few economists who forecast the crisis, on “What is ‘mainstream economics’ and why has it gone off the rails?”

Links 10/12/15

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TPP Intellectual Property Chapter is “A Disaster for Global Health”

Yet another damming take on the TPP.

Payday Lenders Pay Off the System So They Can Keep Ripping Off Borrowers

Paying a visit to payday lenders at one of their conferences.

Links 10/11/15

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