Thursday, April 15, 2021

Links 4/12/2021

The War Nerd: Taiwan — The Thucydides Trapper Who Cried Woof

Parsing the war of words (and some deeds) between the US and China, particularly over Taiwan.

Expose at Pennsylvania’s Biggest Public Pension Fund Reveals Lavish Private Equity Travel, But Misses How It Serves as a Bribe

Pennsylvania pension fund PSERS is under the hot lights for pricey travel. And its explanations only confirm its capture by private equity.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tardigrades (Our World)

Cute, and Apocalypse-ready?

Links 4/11/2021

Measuring Human Capital: Learning Matters More than Schooling

Global progress in learning has been limited over the past two decades, even as enrolment in primary and secondary education has increased

Links 4/10/2021

Michael Hudson Asks Our Readers: If Democracy Winds Up Creating Financial Dominance, What Do We Call China?

Michael Hudson seeks reader input on what to call modern governments not run by traditional nobles or financial interests.

Prince Philip Was the Godfather of Anglo-British Nationalism

Prince Philip pulled together TV, tabloids and monarchy. But that won’t work for younger generations – as Harry and Meghan know

2:00PM Water Cooler 4/9/2021

~ Today’s Water Cooler ~

Trump Remains at the Heart of the Republican Party

Don’t be deceived by the absence of tweets – Trump remains at the heart of Republican politics and fundraising efforts.

Links 4/9/2021

FTC, Where Art Thou?: Appliance Manufacturers Routinely Invalidate Warranties if Customers Use Third-Party Repair Services

Appliance manufacturers say their waranties are voided if consumers use third-party repair servces, despite contrary FTC guidelines.

Yellen Calls for Taxing Large Corporations on Puffed Up Earnings they Report to Shareholders, Which I Called for Years Ago

The “minimum book tax” on reported earnings would be a tax incentive to produce realistic earnings reports. Wall Street will fight it furiously.

Stock Buybacks Stand in the Way of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

Hedge fund managers are pushing U.S. firms to play Wall Street games instead of investing in technologies of the future.