Saturday, May 25, 2024

Israel Gaza Starvation Ploy Intensifies With Seizure of Rafah Crossings

The Rafah operation is speeding the pace of genocide in Gaza. That looks to be its primary aim.

Links 5/22/2024

Gresham’s Law Comes for Science

Science publication has become so corrupted that entire journals have been shut down over running fake research. How did we get here?

“Am I An Extremist? ”

How the UK is using the extremist label to act against people holding mainstream views. The US is not far behind.

Housing, Not Handcuffs

US policy towards the homeless becomes ever more mean-spirited, apparently to justify not dealing with the problem of unaffordable housing.

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/21/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Politics, syndemics, Trump trial winding down, Biden’s path to victory, a one-liner to revert Google search results to a list of blue links again ~

From the History of Israel−Palestine Conflict: The First Palestinian Intifada Against the State of Israel (1987−1993) and its Political Consequences

For those looking for the libretto to the Middle East version of Gotterdammerung, a compact retelling of the First Intifada.

Links 5/21/2024

Why Is It Taking So Painfully Long for Spain, Ireland and Other EU Countries to Recognise Palestinian Statehood?

“We have found ourselves in a situation where we feel the need to move forward unilaterally because the European response has been so weak.”

Trump Versus Biden: The Substantial Fall in Real Wages for Most Workers Under Biden

An important new paper contradicts Democratic pundits, showing that most workers lost in real wage terms under Biden

Coal Still Powers More U.S. Electricity Than Any Renewable Energy Source

Why coal’s share of US energy output has not fallen as far as the ecologically-minded had hoped.

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/20/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Politics, Pandemics, wastewater data debacle as Bionbot ends its wasterwater visualization, Michael Cohen stole $30,000 from Trump, interviews with Kennedy voters, small beer ~

Links 5/20/2024

Book Review: The Untapped Knowledge of Animals

In “The Internet of Animals,” Martin Wikelski highlights what insights humans can learn from creatures great and small.

US Trade Desperation: Trump Insider Robert Lightheizer Recommends Third-World Capital Controls to Achieve Balanced Trade

New desperate ideas to fix chronic US trade imbalances, like capital controls, are getting a hearing.