Saturday, November 27, 2021

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule and Sort of Comments Holiday

We’ll be on a lighter posting schedule over the Thanksgiving holiday. But we wil be here!

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/23/2021

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Among Social Scientists, a Vigorous Debate Over Loss Aversion

Loss aversion, which allegedly explains decision-making — from investor behavior to insurance markets — isn’t ironclad, experts argue.

Links 11/23/2021

Deliveroo Prepares to Quit Spain After New Law Gives Delivery Riders Rights

If other European capitals follow suit, turning a profit is going to become even harder for the food delivery platforms.

Dirty Dollars: Money Laundering, Steel, and Toxins

Money launderers moved millions into America to buy steel mills — while elected leaders helped them fend off U.S. regulators and foreign competitors, leading to sick workers and mountains of hazardous waste.

Climate Injustice at Glasgow Cop-Out

How the largely optical, pro-business gestures at addressing climate change were an affront to developing countries.

Down to the Wire, Last Chance for Our 2021 Fundraiser!

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2:00PM Water Cooler 11/22/2021

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Book Review: Gabe Brown’s “Dirt to Soil”

“From Dirt to Soil” is well worth a read — and very hopeful, a good thing these days.

Closing Hours of the 2021 Fundraiser, About to Hit Our New $ and Donor Targets!

Help make this the best fundraiser evah!

Why Some Nations’ Labour Markets Did Better During the Pandemic

Leaving human capital out of policy discussions might lead to incorrect inferences about which measures were most successful during the pandemic

Links 11/22/2021

Procrastinators of the World, Unite! Last Day, Last Chance for Our 2021 Fundraiser!

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