Thursday, May 26, 2022

Costa Rica, A Country Without an Army, Is At War With (Mainly) Russian Hackers

The Conti Group’s cyberattack on Costa Rica continues to metastasize, spreading to 27 government institutions, nine of which have been “seriously affected.”

At Least 11 Dead in Wake of Michigan Tornado, Canada Derecho

As if tornadoes weren’t bad enough, you now need to add the derecho to your summer weather risks.

Fighting Inflation Excuse for Class Warfare

Too many central bankers are raising interest rates at the expense of working people’s families, supposedly to check inflation.

Unpacking Tucker Carlson on WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty” (So-Called)

Alas, I could only glance at my yellow waders, but there’s still plenty wrong.

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/23/2022

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Open Thread ~

Links 5/23/2022

Paradigm and Nervous Breakdown: Globalization Goes Into Reverse as Inflation/Scarcity Crisis Accelerates

How long-established structures are approaching breakdown, yet those in charge try to look past that.

Geopolitics Takes A Back Seat As Biden Drops Sanctions On Venezuela

Quelle surprise! The US is trying to kiss and make up with Venezuela.

The Pandemic Isn’t Over Until It’s Over for Everyone

We could choose otherwise than to make the most vulnerable bear the cost of an ongoing pandemic by rushing to declare it over.

What to Know about Monkeypox (So Far)

Symptoms and progression, spread, clades, mortality, R, community spread, mode(s) of transmission. And summer festivals.

Links 5/22/2022

Rising Cereal Prices and Political Violence in The Croplands of Africa

This column shows that rising cereal prices pose an elevated risk of violence in Africa, where agriculture represents a large share of the economy

Links 5/21/2022

‘Public Bank’ Bill Blocked From State Senate Vote After Industry Pushback

Why is a modest public bank plan for New York going nowhere?

Book Review: An Urgent Plea to Save the World’s Megaforests

In “Ever Green,” two conservationists present a surprisingly hopeful look at the five five remaining megaforests.