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Why Carbon Taxes Would Be the Ultimate Energy Game-Changer

Carbon taxes are one of the most effective ways to curb the use of fossil fuels and promote renewable energy sources. And they also help businesses because providing for a predictable price of carbon encourages investment. Has their time finally arrived?


Michael Hoexter: The Climate (and Climate Justice!) Movement Cannot Remain a Genteel Environmentalist Movement

Hoexter examines the disconnect between the preferred methods of climate activists versus the magnitude and urgency of the issues they are trying to address. His analysis echoes an important 2012 post by Richard Kline, Progressively Losing.


Oil Markets Could Be In For A Shock From China Soon

China’s oil consumption is a bigger part of global demand than most analysts acknowledge. A slowdown in buying after China stopped stockpiling diesel for the summer Olympics was a proximate cause of the 2008 oil bust. China is again in a stockpiling phase, which could precede another not-well-anticipated demand drop.


Goldman Sachs Predicting $45 Oil By October

Conventional wisdom for some time has been that weakness in oil prices would be short-lived, with prices rallying in the second half (and arguably, the current rally representing the financial markets correctly anticipating a much improved supply/demand picture soon).

Goldman breaks with this consensus, arguing that prices will fall again as drilling will pick up again quickly. Their argument is similar to that of John Dizard, who at the outset of the oil price swoon, said it would not be over until the US shale players ran out of financial rope and money for oil plays became more scarce and costly.