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Changing Economic Factors and the Rise in Obesity

Obesity is fast becoming a prominent global health issue. This column presents new evidence tentatively suggesting that variables related to the costs of eating – particularly whether there is a big discount warehouse nearby – are leading drivers of the rise in obesity occurring since the early 1980s. These findings should help policymakers work with businesses to find the best solution to tackle obesity.


Boston Globe Misapplies Economic Theory to Defend High Drug Prices

This post serves to illustrate how “economics says” has become a magic talisman in political discourse. Invoking it generally results in the audience accepting what follows, even when it is patent nonsense. Here we see how an editorial writer abjectly misapplied economic theory to justify super-high drug prices.


The Retirement Crisis

This interview, with Teresa Ghilarducci, who the Wall Street Journal called “the most dangerous woman in America,” discusses how and why pensions are under stress, and what can be done to fix them. While she agrees that the retirement crisis is real, she also argues that it is eminently fixable, particularly since there really is no free lunch. The alternative, of widespread poverty among the aged, also imposes costs on government and society.