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Antitrust Incompetence from the FTC, as Albertson’s/Safeway Divestiture Goes Awry

Over the past several months, I’ve come to the conclusion that so many problems in our politics and our economy results from our tolerance of monopoly capitalism. I did a super-long story for The American Prospect laying this out, and how we need a revival of antitrust policy at the grassroots level. Here’s a depressing case study that suggests maybe we should just relieve one of the antitrust enforcement agencies, the Federal Trade Commission, of its duties.


Hillary Clinton Appeal to 9/11 to Defend Wall Street Donations Was Bad, But This Was Worse

Hillary Clinton, is taking some heat for oddly deciding to relate her campaign donations from Wall Street to aiding Lower Manhattan after 9/11. This seems to be what the Gang of 500 has decided on as a gaffe, and it definitely has that odor. But I actually think Clinton said something even more egregious and revealing Saturday night. The problem is that the commentariat has deemed it some brilliant insight.


Supervising Culture and Behavior at Financial Institutions

Financial regulators increasingly acknowledge organizational culture as a source of systemic risk, yet they have been loath to do more than influence compensation structures, since they do not want to be perceived to be interfering with management. This post describes a new approach in the Netherlands that