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Michael Olenick: The Lesson of Newtown – Time to Charge for the True Cost of Gun Ownership

Yves here. The headline of an article at NBC says it all: Small-Bore? President Obama’s Actions on Guns Make Marginal Changes. Michael Olenick proposed a more effective approach…of a type that curiously has been absent from proposals on how to curb gun ownership. This post first ran on December 17, 2012 By Michael Olenick, a […]


“Summer” Rerun: “Why America Will Need Some Elements of a Welfare State”

In 2007, the Financial Times’ Martin Wolf Wolf concluded that America needed some form of a welfare state. His argument is as valid now as then. Yet it is hard to imagine that anyone would make it now, particularly in light of the effort of soi-disant liberals to pretend that Obamacare insurance policies bear any resemblance to “universal health care”.