The Fed Appears to Endeavor to Manipulate Elections

Cactus at Angry Bear has been on this trail for a while now (his latest is “The Fed, Presidential Elections, and Coincidence – Part 8“), and the Fed’s behavior has been consistent with what you’d expect if they were trying to influence Presidential elections.

The entire post is very much worth reading, as are the earlier posts in this series, but here is the high point:

So… from earlier posts on this topic, we learn that the Fed manipulates the real money supply in precisely the way we’d expect if we were cynical enough to believe the Fed wants to manipulate elections. In this post, we learn that it actually has an effect on the economy, in fact, precisely the effect we’d expect if we were very cynical. At some point, one has to conclude this is not a coincidence. At some point, one has to conclude the fed is purposely manipulating the economy to influence elections, in violation of who knows what laws and even its own charter.

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