Where Do Wal-Mart Products Come From?

We got this map from Tyler Cowen’s Marginal Revolution, which in turn cites Kottke.

In case you had any doubts as to who was the leading outlet for China, Inc., now you know (although some question the methodology, based on my discussions with people who have knowledge of Wal-Mart’s buying practices, I have no doubt that China would be at least as prominent as it is now):

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  1. Anonymous

    Why stop there? Why not explain where the majority goods sold at J.C. Penney, Target,Sears, etc. come from.
    It’s very easy to point fingers at one entity or another when choosing facts, selectively.

  2. WDOphotography

    @Anonymous – in 2002 Walmart was responsible for bringing in 12 billion dollars or 10% of the total imports from China.

    10% – from one company. think about that for a minute.

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