Even the National Journal Can’t Abide the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Page

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When a stalwart member of the right disassociates itself from the Wall Street Journal’s editorial policies, you know things are bad. Thanks to Brad DeLong for this item. From the National Review’s blog, The Corner:

….the Wall Street Journal editorial conference…. I was… well, no, not foaming at the mouth, but gaping in wonder at such a concentration of smug rich-guy arrogance on display all in one place. What color is the sky in these guys’ world?… [As far as] blithe indifference to actual human nature, but Gigot & Co. take the biscuit. It’s pretty routine now to mock the WSJ editorial crowd for believing that there is no such thing as a nation, only an economy. Well, there it is. You saw it. That is what they actually, literally believe. We kick around phrases like “arrogant elites” pretty carelessly, but here they are, out in the open, brazen and unashamed…

Stephen Moore’s assertion that we are “foaming at the mouth”… isn’t worth taking seriously. Rather, it’s Gigot’s judgment that the bill is in serious trouble. The Journal-ists… make some dubious factual assertions and mischaracterize some of our views…

I do wish the Wall Street Journal wasn’t so hostile and insulting when talking about us and immigration…. We don’t want legal immigration, WSJ editors explain at their editorial meeting (link is on the opinionjournal site). Yes, out with the Lopezes and Ponnurus and O’Beirnes and O’Sullivans and… immigration is what’s wrong with America. Mark Levin points out, defensively, Paul Gigot says, that he is pro-immigration. Well, duh — he needs to correct the record because you and Bob Novak and other friends are suggesting otherwise.

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