Why Does This Remind Me of Citi and the Treasury Department?

I must be losing perspective to think this has anything to do with the MLEC rescue proposal. From the BBC:

Chimpanzees under attack exaggerate their screams to get help from higher ranking group members, researchers from Fife have discovered.
The study found primates produce high-pitched and prolonged screams when they were the victims of severe aggression such as beating.

Their cries were exaggerated if there was another higher-ranking chimp in the area who could challenge the aggressor.

They recorded the apes’ screams during attacks by chimps and carried out a computerised analysis of the acoustics.

Dr Katie Slocombe from the university’s School of Psychology, who led the study, said: “We conclude victims use screams flexibly to recruit help from others and have a complex understanding of third party relations.

“They know exactly who can challenge who, and this knowledge of social relationships influences their vocal production.

“If no-one is there to help them then the screams are normal but if someone is about then they make it sound even worse than it is.”…..

“It could be that they are wanting to falsely deceive the higher ranking chimpanzee into thinking it is really bad,” she said.

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