Links 12/18/07

The World in 2008 – A Sneak Preview Cassandra Does Tokyo. An interesting set of calls, including the resignation of Condi Rice.

Fed and Regulators Shrugged as the Subprime Crisis Spread New York Times. This piece doesn’t break new ground, but provides a good overview. And I assume the “shrugged” is an allusion to “Atlas Shrugged” and a dig at Alan Greenspan’s fealty to Ayn Rand.

Obesity and wages: using body composition as an alternative to BMI Vox EU. A lesson in labor markets and in methodology. Measuring body fat, as opposed to body mass (weightliters are lean but bulky, for instance) indicates that fat people in virtually all groups earn less (previous studies found the heft effect was limited to white women).

What’s the Difference Between Bloggers and Illegal Immigrants? Andrew Leonard,

Keep marriage counsellors out of the office Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times. Kellaway shreds a Harvard Business Review article that claims that people who have good marriages are likely to have good relationships at work.

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