Links 12/29/07

Noni Mausa: What’s With All the Shock and Surprise? Cactus, Angry Bear. A different take on the Bhutto assassination.

Peak 2007? Long or Short Capital

Buffett Signs Death Warrant For Ambac & MBIA Michael Shedlock

The Economics and Politics of Trade Economics and…

Africa aid wiped out by rising cost of oil Financial Times

Option ARM Tightening Tanta Calculated Risk

Fortune 1000 IT investments are riskier than capital investments PhysOrg. This is no surprise to anyone who has dealt with large IT projects.

Bush claims Senate’s pro forma sessions don’t count Daily Kos. Another assault on the Constitution.

Annals of Improbable Research to go Free Online CnetNews

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  1. Independent Accountant

    See Andrew McCarthy’s 28 December post at on Benazir Bhutto. I don’t think she was any big deal either.

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