Links: Christmas Eve 2007

Email in the 18th century Low-tech Magazine. It was possible to communicate at surprisingly high speeds even then.

The State of the Unions Paul Krugman, New York Times. I’m not sure what to make of this piece. It starts out with a very good discussion of how the marginalization of unions was not an inevitable withering away, but a result of concerted action by corporations. But it then veers off into a discussion of where various Democratic Presidential candidates stand on that topic, and finds some of Obama’s latest strategems wanting.

This, and Krugman’s recent salvos regarding Obama, while they all are reasoned and worthwhile, in aggreagate read as if Krugman is out to get him. He’d be more effective if he spread his Obama critiques out a bit more.

Bush Seeks to Restore Tattered U.S. Image With Heavy ’08 Travel Bloomberg. The man’s grandiosity knows know bounds. The best thing he could do for America is go to Crawford and take naps.

Debt Poets Society: Credit Crisis Goes From Bad to Verse Wall Street Journal

Remember the Y2K overreaction: Fed’s subprime rescue could trigger a bear market MarketWatch

Fine Line: Shielding Elders’ Money, and Independence New York Times

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  1. Anonymous

    re: Low tech communications. In the early 1800s the Rothschild’s sent letters by carrier pigeon. Apparently this helped them make money because they got news well before their competitors.

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