Links 3/1/08 + Pic

Insured Defaults Rise as Cure Rate Hits Historic Low Housing Wire. This is decidedly Not Good.

Free Fall In Munis, Worst Month Since 2003 Michael Shedlock. This translates into a buying opportunity, not immediately, but keep on top of the muni bond offering calendars. When the rabbit is almost all the way through the anaconda is when to buy. But David Merkel says no need to wait, they are a bargain now.

American Finance: From Deregulation to Government Ownership in One Fell Swoop Robert Reich

Thomas Sowell Should Not Become a Weather Man PGL Angry Bear

Industrial Origami Baby The Stalwart

Some readers have complained that this blog is a downer. I’ve decided to add a cute picture du jour an a bit of an antidote, provided I can keep finding them (readers encouraged to send them via e-mail to assist in this effort). Also, assuming you like this feature, is “Pic” in the header enough? Kevin Drum has the more elaborate “Friday Cat Blogging” but after all, they are his cats.

Comments appreciated.

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  1. John T

    I think the idea is ok. This picture is rather cute. Concerning the opinion that the web site is a downer, well that just the nature of what you comment on. A train wreck is never pretty.

  2. h2odragon

    Cute pictures are their own excuse for posting.

    If you haven’t got a cat, i have to advise getting one, but I’m probably biased: the critters outweigh and outnumber the humans in my household. Cats, dogs, etc provide perspective on what’s important in life.

    “A train wreck is never pretty” … perhaps, but they’re often entertaining.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and it seems to me you are covering things as they exist. It is the economy and the fools that got us to this point that are the real downer.

    You also put in links to articles that aren’t in the other blogs, which I appreciate. For example, the Krugman draft. The Countrywide sanctions have not yet been covered in the other blogs yet (I only read about five on a daily basis).

    At any rate I’m glad to have found you.

  4. Anonymous

    If you like posting cute pics do it by all means, however, no need to do it just because a bunch of people are saying it.

    Love your blog, please keep up the good work.

  5. Anonymous

    Pics are always good. Editorial cartoons are fun too. And there’s always the mortgage pig, if you’re into excel art.

  6. Anonymous

    I thought this was the best blog out there with fun stories about people like Bob Toll getting what he deserves; for me, that is entertainment in watching this corrupt bastards get what they deseve. I hope to see a very long recession with lots of CEOs going to prison and a long period of accountability that impacts the integrity and ethics of the crooks that are running this crooked show…yah, it’s a downer, but yah saw that in Rome too, when the corruption got to this point of excess; happened in France too with a few heads rolling, and the same thing should happen and the media needs to follow the show to the bitter end and watch the crooks pay! Great story on Countrywide today!!

  7. Anonymous

    Nice dog pix!

    It fits with this: Pile-up as Peloton runs out of road
    The mortgage meltdown has sent the hedge fund crashing to earth, leaving its founders ‘gobsmacked’ – and a lot poorer

    “In addition,” he went on, “because of their own well-publicised issues, credit providers have been severely tightening terms without regard to the creditworthiness or track record of individual firms, which has … made it impossible to meet margin calls.”
    It is these comments that sent the chill of fear through the City.
    Beller is seen by many as a victim. If the banks continue to tighten their lending terms, Peloton will not be the only fund that runs out of road.

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