Links 3/13/08

Paulson, Bernanke Plan Tougher Scrutiny of U.S. Banks Bloomberg. Don’t hold your breath. Two of the four members of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, Henry Paulson and Christopher Cox (chairman of the SEC) are ideologically opposed to regulation; Bernanke tends to follow others’ lead. Expect any proposal to be more heat than light.

10 Emerging Technologies 2008 Technology Review. One of them is “Modeling Surprise.” That would be very useful at a lot of banks and hedge funds right now.

Why the Telecoms Shouldn’t Get Immunity for Spying on Americans Robert Reich

Fed’s Loan Program Provide Little Aid to Agency Mortgage Bonds Bloomberg

US will avoid deep recession, Fed says Financial Times. The Fed also though subprime losses would only be $50 billion.

The disgrace that is Bush’s Housing Department The Carpetbagger Report (hat tip Angry Bear)

Senate bill would rein in credit cards’ ‘extreme penalties’ MarketWatch

The Hard-Nosed Types See Hard Times Michael Panzner

Monitors Don’t Stop Patients From Waking PhysOrg

Solutia Solution Credit Slips

Antidote du jour:

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