Links 3/29/08

Oregon man stripped by Craigslist looter The Register

My Very Own Risk-Based Repricing Experience Adam Levittin, Credit Slips. A law professor who studies the credit card industry has his own mini-horror story and recounts several ways the bank’s procedures violate applicable laws.

Study sees Microsoft brand in sharp decline IDG News Service

Nationwide predicts first annual fall in house prices since 1990s property crash Guardian

Valuation, Frayed Nerves and Liquidity Roger Ehrenberg

Lehman May Be Victim of Fraud Wall Street Journal

Stop the Mortgage Bailout NationalBubble. As readers know, your humble blogger is of the view that trying to shore up asset prices that are not supported by cash flow is bound to fail and will divert resources from better ways to deal with the fallout of the credit crisis. This site does a good job of making the economic considerations accessible to non-economists and is orchestrating measures to oppose bailouts. Hat tip Cactus at Angry Bear.

High prices spark fresh gold rush in California Financial Times

Antidote du jour:

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