LInks 3/7/08

Emotion + “Radical Neuroscience” = Alpha All About Alpha Emotion allegedly plays a role in trading success.

1.54, 105, 1.45 — deleveraging continues … Brad Setser. Setser argues, among other things, that foreign central banks should shift out of Treasuries into agencies. Good idea, but it will never happen.

‘Dr. Doom’ Gloomy On U.S. Economy Boom2Bust. I always thought Dr. Doom was Henry Kaufman, but he has some competition for the sobriquet. This post summarizes an interview with Marc Faber.

How the French invented subprime in 1719 James Macdonald, Financial Times. Even if you have heard of John Law, this is worth reading.

Antidote du jour:

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  1. doc holiday


    Are you aware of this: Poole is an influential Fed official who voted against the central bank’s emergency rate cut of three quarters of a percentage point on January 22. He does not currently sit on the rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee, however, and he is retiring from the Fed shortly after next month’s meeting.


    As you may recall with my latest heart attack posts related to Warsh, we have a Fed Board with 5, versus 7 members.

    Without going back to notes, all 5 have been appointed by Bush and IMHO, Warsh is highly inexperienced, so with Poole retiring……isn’t this an Oh My God Moment, having less than 3 members to cover the overload of chaos??

    Drama aside, what is your opinion on this????

  2. cansarnoso

    only wasps would blame it all on the frogs (and the ft who were unable to hold their afx newswire jont venture with afp together)

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