Links 3/8/08

Jail for Australian kiss killers BBC

After the Ratings Agencies John Quiggin

What is to be done? Paul Krugman

Fedspeak Highlights: Mishkin on Dollar Depreciation Economics Blog, Wall Street Journal. “Frederic Mishkin says dollar depreciation has had “modest” impact on inflation.” Mishkin is not one of my favorites.

Judge: Flat-Fee Arrangements in Foreclosures, Bankruptcies “Corrosive” to Practice of Law Housing Wire

Fitch cuts WaMu rating, says may cut other banks Reuters

The John McCain Market Selloff The Big Picture

Antidote du jour. Reader Joe said I needed some less cute photos, and then sent me pix that for the most part were endearing. But this honors the spirit of his request:

Rex cats do indeed look ratlike (they’ve been bred to be hairless for people who are allergic to cats). Let’s pretend the ornamentation was done with Photoshop.

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