Links 4/10/08

Experts hack power grid in no time NetworkWorld

Britain could be hardest hit by financial crisis,says IMF Telegraph

US mortgages action given backing Financial Times. Perhaps I should be taking this more seriously (and providing more commentary), but given the Bush Administration’s disapproval, I am not convinced this will get done before the election. Plus fisking Shiela Bair is usually painful and time consuming.

Another Flavor of Bonds Threatens to Turn Sour Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg. Hat tip reader Tim, who noted, “Another shoe drops, pretty sure a lot of this stuff went East,”

Abortion and crime Leo Kahane, David Paton, and Rob Simmons, VoxEU

Is There Really Disagreement on Trade? Dean Baker

Ponzi Financing At Citigroup Michael Shedlock

Goldman Sachs Level 3 Assets Jump, Exceeding Rivals’ Bloomberg. I’d really like to know why assets Goldman could formerly value on a Level 2 basis, particularly derivative contracts, are now Level 3.

Antidote du jour:

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