Links 4/16/08

German schoolboy, 13, corrects NASA’s asteroid figures PhysOrg. Oh, and the revised estimate found that the odds of a collision were 100 times higher than the NASA estimate.

Graph of Interbank Spreads Suggests Financial Crisis Continues Unabated Jeff Frankels

Debt Britain: 600,000 face bankruptcy Times Online

Who Speaks for Mortgage “Lenders”? Adam Levitin, Credit Slips

Safe as Houses? Michael Panzner

OFHEO: Fannie, Freddie Still a Regulatory Concern Housing Wire

Merck Wrote Drug Studies for Doctors New York Times. The quote that got me was:

“The fact that the draft was written by a Merck employee for later discussion by all the authors does not in and of itself constitute ghostwriting,” Dr. Kirby’s e-mail message said.

Antidote du jour:

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