Links 4/20/08

‘Mortgage holidays’ for hard-up homeowners Guardian. Now it’s the UK’s turn to contemplate desperate measures to save underwater borrowers

Citigroup May Need to Sell Assets to Bolster Capital Bloomberg

McCain Does Not Want Free Market Health Care Dean Baker

Are Markets Leading or Lagging Indicators ? Barry Ritholtz

Too many choices may not be good Aaron Schiff

Class Warfare? Or Fair Shares? Linda Beale. I’ve had to deal with vituperative trolls on this topic. She handles it nicely.

Losing Your Job? Losing Your House? Call a Psychologist PGL Angry Bear

The On-the-Run Premium on Treasury Securities Brad DeLong

Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand New York Times. This is a must read. I was in Australia immediately before and during the Iraq war, and the disparity in news coverage there and in the US was staggering (and remember, Australia sent troops). This in part explains it: it was the propaganda, stupid.

Antidote du jour:

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