Links 5/14/08

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Vatican: It’s OK to believe in aliens PhysOrg

Survey: 1 in 10 boomers borrowing for everyday expenses Chicago Tribune (hat tip Michael Panzner)

Republican Senators Question Fannie Mae’s Capital Position Paul Jackson

Stop Filling U.S. Oil Reserves? Energy Wire, Washington Post (hat tip Dave Johnson)

Fearing Red Herring in the Data David Leonhardt, New York Times. A recap of why some recent data may not be as rosy as it seems. Oddly, it does not include the role of inventory growth in first quarter GDP.

Science Doesn’t Trust Your Rationality Overcoming Bias. This is a great post. Trust me. Just go and read it.

Food Prices Are Too Low Dean Baker

Housing minister Caroline Flint’s blunder reveals 10% slump but it’s not official – yet Times Online

Electric Power Development (#9513): A Synopsis Cassandra. Written for other reasons, but an object lesson in how the authorities elsewhere operate.. Note that the # in the headline is of the stock in question.

Why Credit Cards are Getting Away With It Robert Reich

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