Links 5/19/08

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‘Fewer hurricanes’ as world warms BBC. A new study disputes previous findings, but does predict that hurricanes will be more intense.

Sell the Stock: Financial conflicts are hobbling the Supreme Court Washington Post. More confirmation that we really do have the best government money can buy.

French Judge Orders Refund for Pre-Installed XP Slashdot

US plot to nail Iran backfires Asia Times

Diesel Prices Soar Ahead of Olympics Wall Street Journal

Throwing it All Away, Forever—But at Least They’ll Get Re-elected! Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up

BAE Systems bosses detained as they fly into US Times Online

Raiders of the Lost Parked Stock Paul Kedrosky

Antidote du jour:

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  1. dearieme

    “justices could have averted a conflict if they had kept their investments in mutual funds rather than in individual stock, which are the most likely to trigger a conflict.” Good God, my brother used to do that when he was an investment manager, without anyone telling him to. And Supreme Court Justices don’t – that’s really rather shameful.

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