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Sharks swim closer to extinction BBC

iPhone line forms at Apple’s flagship for absolutely no reason engadget

U.S. corporations massively read employee e-mail Help Net Security

Credit monopolies harm lenders and borrowers International Financial Law Review. Bobo7874 put a link to this article in comments yesterday, with this query:

I would like to hear what posters have to say about these articles by Frederick Feldkamp, suggesting that SEC and FASB rules giving big brokers and banks an advantage in doing securitizations, increase credit spreads to the detriment of the larger economy. He’s got graphs showing correlation between the enactment of various rules and increases or decreases in credit spreads.

Hmmmmm? Bill Gross. The Pimco chief says US inflation stats are baloney, and points to three culprits: the use of hedonic adjustments, owner-equivalent rent, and geometric weighting/product substitution

Karl Marx Was All For Free Trade International Political Economy Zone

“The Church versus the Mall” Mark Thoma

Antidote du jour. In my youth, I had a paper route, and often saw raccoons dive into the storm sewers when I trundled by. But I would always get the rear end view.

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  1. Mary Wallace

    That explains why my beagle drags me to drains all the time! I had no idea. The raccoons come out each Sunday night and open trash cans and dine. In my old house in the mountains, they came thru the dog door and dragged kid backpack across kitchen floor, thump thumped down eleven steps to steal cookies in a pocket.

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