Links 6/14/08

Pigeons are as clever as 3-year-old children Roland Piquepaille

China biggest CO2 emitter last year: Dutch agency PhysOrg

A league table of liveable cities Financial Times. My former neighborhood in Sydney, Potts Point, is singled out as world standard.

Short changed on short sales? Willem Buiter and FSA move does nothing for City’s reputation Telegraph. Both are highly critical of the FSA’s pursuit of short seller of companies using rights issues.

Defending Rachel Carson: The Last Word John Quggin

The Recession in the Rearview Mirror Floyd Norris, New York Times

Antidote du jour:

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  1. Anonymous

    Interesting list of livable cities. The internet marginalizes the importance of big cities, i.e. if one needs an obscure battery, buy it out of Texas or directly from China.

    Portland, OR has had problems with police rioting. OTOH, they have really been improving bike paths, which seems to be a major criteria.

    A few years ago Seattle and San Francisco were listed. What happened?

    IMO, the best size of city is 8,000 to 60,000 (maybe up to 100,000?). I prefer College towns: Eugene, OR; Walla Walla, WA; Moscow, ID; Pullman, WA; and will give Seattle an ‘honorable mention’ in spite of its size.

    Where do people who could ‘move anywhere’ move to?

    Jim Willie: Costa Rica

    “And even some I do not admire, have foreign residences. Bush bought a farm in Paraguay. Damn I would hate to move half a world away and find my next door neighbor was W.”

    Dave Morgan lives somewhere around Spokane, WA.

    Doug Casey has lived in New Zealand, and last I heard, Argentina (Buenos Aires?)

    Russ Winters has lived in White Salmon, WA (a small town 65 miles east of Portland; then Seattle; then near Iponepa, Brazil.

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