Links 6/18/08

‘Oldest’ computer music unveiled BBC

Apple’s Engineers: an Unexpected Profit Center Oren Hurvitz

Regulators, Genetic Testing Companies Begin Face Off Wired

U.S. Tells China Subprime Woes Are No Reason to Keep Markets Closed New York Times. Only Hank Paulson could say that with a straight face.

The Confidence Man New York Magazine. On David Einhorn.

The “Enron Loophole” Mark Thoma

Japan’s Great Insight Long or Short Capital (hat tip Felix Salmon)

WSJ’s Greg Ip Going to The Economist Barry Ritholtz. Aha, this explains why Sudeep Reddy wrote page one WSJ story on the Fed’s change in sentiment yesterday….

Central banks — not sovereign funds — are doing the heavy lifting these days; they financed much of the US deficit in the first quarter Brad Setser

Antidote du jour:

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